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Did you know that humans have explored more of the moon than we have of our own oceans? Earth is primarily water, but we know very little about the underwater world and the lifeforms that that dwell there, many of which have yet to be discovered.

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Did you also know that multiple studies have pointed out that we are going through a mass extinction faze, and that our time to avoid serious consequences is rapidly running out? Studies have indicated that vertebrates are disappearing at a rate more than 114 times quicker than normal. That being said, our oceans are in terrible shape. Did you know that more than 85 percent of the ocean surface is covered with plastic from human trash? You can read more about that here. Something to think about while you are viewing this video…

It’s truly remarkable to see something like this. Not long ago, the Discovery Channel caught what they believed to be one of the biggest great whites ever filmed. You can view that footage here, but the one in the video below seems to be a bit bigger, don’t you think?

With all of the devastation that is happening around the world, and to the environment, footage like this is precious. Earth is not just our home….

It makes you wonder, what else is out there that we have yet to see?

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