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The UBUNTU community of contributionism has seen a meteoric rise of interest over the last few years as the world continues to witness the damage of unfettered capitalism, a money system run by criminal bankers and anti-human policies by out-of-touch governments. The ideas and approach of the open sourced UBUNTU communities, able to be launched anywhere, are the antithesis of the current political apathy and inhumane monetary policies.

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Free electricity for all is the main election promise to the South African people during the UBUNTU Party’s 2016 campaign run. To accomplish this, the UBUNTU Party is mainly focusing on an advanced form of hydro-turbine technology that is already backed by testing and science people can understand. However, it seems that anyone attempting to implement the promise of free electricity on a large-scale continues to experience setbacks from potential inventors and scientists. Recently, candidate Michael Tellinger of the UBUNTU Party of South Africa, penned a disappointing update, writing:

I have exhausted all communication with the inventor, Mike Brady who claims that the machines have arrived in South Africa, but are stuck somewhere in a warehouse, not being released to him … I am not sure at this stage if we have been conned or if this is really the case.

Energetic Integrity

The current movement towards energy independence lacks integrity. The popularity of higher consciousness falls short, becoming victim to the cyclical faults of humanity. While true creators and brilliant inventors wait for their cue to push forward, lesser individuals looking for the quick buck and 15 seconds of fame muddy the waters. The same multinational corporations the UBUNTU Party denounces are now eyeing the “free energy” sector, ready to consume talent and dreams in hopes of finishing their quarter strong for the stockholders.  As inventors unveil their solutions promising energy independence, they are still aboard the same broken corporate structure and monetary system.

Tesla’s Wardenclyffe tower was slated to unleash energy independence in Colorado Springs instantly, while Stanley Meyer’s water-powered car threatened an entire oil monopoly overnight. Countless other inventors throughout the world have had their labs destroyed and patents shelved. Yet never before has humanity had a structure and communities prepared to implement such disruptive technology as those understanding the UBUNTU Party’s philosophy .

The inventors and creators of the past, the ones that received the full weight, pushback, and suppression from the controlling monopolies of their time were certainly real. They had integrity and a healthy dose of purpose. The kind of minds, awareness, and connection that allowed great gifts to manifest. They didn’t care about ego and had no patience for stupidity, control, or the shortsighted politics of their times.

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Open Sourcing Defeats Control

The pioneers of previous generations gave life, fortune, and endless creativity, only to be met with strangling suppression. Their meager clues left for the next generation are sad reminders. A simple question continues to echo in every generation who picks up the quest for energy independence: will the consciousness of the time allow the knowledge to unfold? As Nikola Tesla neared the end of his days, he realized that his life’s work would not be allowed to take root in the density, control, and suppression of his time. The industrial revolution was already in full swing and had aggressively been sold as “progress” to humanity without the hearts and minds to see a bigger picture through the fog.

For those few creators, scientists, and developers still standing with integrity, those left who are removed from the narcissism and the egotistical drive for individual accomplishments and personal wealth, these words are a call to you. As your colleagues climb over each other for a seat at the table with some multinational corporation, you have the opportunity to change it all right now. Humanity needs a new way and the UBUNTU Party appears to be in a position to deliver

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