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Last week the world was stunned and undoubtedly altered by one image of a small child’s lifeless body washed ashore. It rocked many of us to our core. No matter what country, race, or religion one identified with or how removed you are from this crisis, you could sense the deep sorrow, sadness, and maybe even guilt over the tragic circumstances which lead to this young Syrian’s death. 2 year old Aylan Kurdi will be remembered forever and has effected more change in his very short life than most have in their entire lifetime.

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We are creatures of visual simulation. We can viscerally respond to what we see. Thats why the image of his small, lifeless body being washed up on shore hit us so hard. Angry, upset, frustrated, and passionate artists from around the world have created their own rendition of the original photograph to further the awareness of the dire refugee displacement situation millions of people are facing right now. The goal of these images is to push world leaders to action. Looking at these creations reinforces the absurdity of Aylan’s death, while at the same time connects people of all walks of life through the universally understandable language of art.


Illustrator: Rafat al-Khateeb

Artist Satish Acharya told Collective Evolution this about why he created the image below:

“As a global citizen we can’t run away from the harsh reality. As an artist in creative profession the image forced me to express my opinion. The image symbolises how innocent kids always become the victim of war, conflicts and bloodshed”

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So many questions have been coming up since this image has been released: Why aren’t countries letting these people in? Where is the UN? How do we end wars? Who is to blame for this? What solutions are there? Now what?

We will be exploring some of these questions in the coming weeks and will be speaking with some interesting people trying to effect change with possible solutions.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 2.06.43 PM




Collective Evolution has been trying to track down and give credit to missing image credits for some illustrations. If you know who has created some of this art, please contact the writer Rajie Kabli @


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