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3D printing continues to profoundly affect the modern world. Whether it be in the field of architecture, technology, or healthcare, 3D printed objects are making a positive impact on the human race and are opening us up to entirely new realms of possibility.

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The latest incredible feat involves a 54 year old Spanish man suffering from a chest wall sarcoma – a type of cancerous tumour. In order to continue forward with his battle, the man needed both his sternum and a portion of his ribcage replaced, something that the doctors and surgeons involved felt was best handled by this new technology. Traditionally, they would use titanium plate implants, but these often loosen over time, increasing the risk of complications down the road.

Despite the complexity to this part of the chest, Csiro Australia, in conjunction with Anatomics, stepped up to the challenge and developed exactly what the doctors ordered. The specifics of their 3D creation are fully described in the following video:

This surgery was the first of its kind, but thanks to its success it raises the bar of possibility in the ongoing relationship between 3D printing and healthcare.


3D printing is a recurring topic here at CE, as we love to report on enhancements in both the fields of healthcare and technology. For more 3D printing related stories I encourage you to check out any of the following links:

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What are your thoughts on the continued enhancements being made possible through 3D printing? If you or a loved one were in a time of need, would you trust a 3D alternative? Or would you prefer a more traditional approach? Let us know via the comment section below.


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