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Are you deflated about Love? Is it time to learn to love yourself, and create love in your life? Have you stopped believing in the gift you are?

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I recently spoke with therapist Natalie Lamb about how to attract love. I asked her why so many people have difficulty these days in finding partners and having relationships that work:

“After being rejected, hurt, and lied to, people give up hope in love. After feeling desperate, unwanted and like they don’t matter, they begin to believe they will never find someone who loves them. After speaking with many people I came to see how people had numbed out and given up on Love. On themselves being truly happy. Are you like that? Have you stopped knowing you deserve love?

I’ve done this interview to show you that you can change your love life. Best selling author, Claudia Azula Altucher, had been in dysfuncitonal relationships until 41. Then she did intensive healing, and is now married to a supportive, fascinating, deep and inspirational guy.

So many of us who had childhoods where we were abandoned or not loved, don’t feel like we are worthy of love. We don’t know how to love ourselves, so we recreate a life of barren, empty, heartless relationships. We feel dead. Yet wish there was a way to shift out of that unwanted space, into a warm embrace.

I’ve made it my mission to show people that you CAN heal. I’m interviewing people who’ve gone from toxic, unhappy, depressing relationships that leave people empty and lonely. I explore what they did to heal, and create real, caring marriages that do the deep work. I want you to believe in LOVE. It’s a powerful force of good when it’s healthy. Listen to this call with Claudia as she takes us through her journey of unhealthy, toxic, addicted love into real, empowered, proactive loving.”

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Watch this powerful and inspiring interview:

If you’d like support in making shifts like Claudia did, please get in touch with Natalie. If you’ve gotten to the point where you know you want love and want support in creating it – send her an email and you both can find a time to have a quick chat to see if my course, Living a Life you Love, Loving Yourself, and Finding the Love of Your Life, is right for you. Email: natalie(at)


About Natalie:

Natalie Lamb is passionate about healing the past, and gifting people the experience of Love. She has a degree in Psychology, and a Masters in Integral Theory. She’s trained as a relationship coach for singles learn how to love and couples how to thrive in love. She’s a Family Focused Attachment Therapist who helps those who’ve been treated like they don’t matter, abused, abandoned, or had alcoholic parents. She believes that when we learn to love ourselves and others beautifully our lives function in all areas: health, wealth, purpose, intimacy, and happiness.

There will be more interviews coming. Join the group Aah… Love to listen to the next one: 

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