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We all know that getting adequate daily exercise is important for our health. Because of this, many of us regularly commit a portion of our day to either going for a run or hitting the gym, which certainly helps, but is it enough?

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It appears that if, aside from our designated active time, the bulk of our lives is spent sitting down, it may not be. The wonderful people at Ted-Ed have put together a short video outlining how detrimental a lifestyle dominated by sitting can be to our health.

The video is based on a lesson by educator Murat Dalkilinç and offers us all something to think about. I personally found myself quickly standing as I watched this video and I highly suggest that you do the same. Check it out:

While much of what is taught in this video is certainly commonsensical, the reminder it offers is incredibly valuable, especially for those of us who work in sedentary environments. Doing our best to at the very least monitor our posture while seated can make a huge difference to our health in both the short and long term.

When not at work, try to incorporate movement into your hourly routine. Something as simple as even stretching while watching a favourite TV show or opting to prepare a home cooked meal rather than ordering out and sitting while you wait for it can make a world of difference.

Given the amount of time we spend in front of technology and the increased number of unwanted preservatives in the majority of our diets, now more than ever is the time for all of us to put our health on a pedestal of importance. Let’s all use this video as a reminder to be proactive rather than reactive to all things relating to our health!

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