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This is a conversation I get into a lot with people who are asking me about my diet or how I live my lifestyle: food addiction.

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When you look at it, we know more about food now than at any other time in history, yet for the most part, we are less healthy and more overweight than ever. Of course, just because we know about food doesn’t mean we are producing the healthiest food out there. Much of what we eat daily and is sold in stores in complete garbage. But there are other options, so why, with so much knowledge out there, do we still struggle so hard with losing weight and staying healthy?

Why I bring up the idea of food addiction is because it’s something we often struggle with and don’t even know it. This is likely because we don’t know much about the topic and we often don’t relate our emotions and psychological patterns with eating. We might think that only people with eating disorders have emotional problems with food, but the reality is, MANY of us do, we’re simply not aware of it.

Interestingly, there used to be very little research on food addiction, and even though there were clear signs that people were having a hard time, many people simply didn’t think food addiction actually existed.

Cool fact: since the 1960’s, self-proclaimed food addicts were successfully dealing with their chronic obesity and compulsive eating by treating themselves as if they had a substance use disorder related to food. Over 100,000 people made up those involved in the 12 step fellowship of Overeaters Anonymous. When an internal study was done on participants of the program, it was found that people were abstaining from food and were realizing a reduction in weight of up to 50 lbs as a result. This program was later suggested to alcoholics, which helped to create the group Alcoholics Anonymous.[1]

The Quiz

Food can be like a drug just like anything else we traditionally place in that category. We can have a very tough time losing weight and getting healthy when we are addicted to food. We continually hear that eating a (truly) healthy diet and incorporating exercise into our lives will create a healthy lifestyle and healthy body. And it’s true, it does. But it’s much harder to do these things when we are addicted to food!

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So let’s find out if you are addicted to food. From there, you’ll see what you can do about it if indeed you are. Take the quiz here:

This quiz was developed by a colleague of ours, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. Her passion for the relationship between food and psychology led her to develop a free quiz to help you find out how susceptible you are to food addiction. She also created one of the most transformative boot camps out there to help others with food addiction and weight loss so they can live a healthy, energetic lifestyle.

After you take the quiz, Susan will give you your score and she will also send over a customized Food Freedom video so you can truly understand what this means specifically for you. From there, you can figure out how to go beyond food addiction and live a truly healthy lifestyle.

Take the quiz here.

P.S. I took the quiz too and learned some interesting things, even though I’ve been on a super healthy path for quite some time now.


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