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Lettuce Evolve is an Aquarium-Powered Garden System that allows you to grow tons of fresh food for you and your family, while saving time, space, and money.

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The system is extremely versatile; it can be used Aquaponically (with fish) or Hydroponically (without fish), or you can simply fill it up with soil and use it as a vertical dirt garden.

When used Aquaponically, the fish poop provides one of nature’s most potent fertilizers, giving you plants that grow up to 3x faster and are loaded with nutrients.

Its modular design allows you to grow more food in the same space by adding on additional garden boxes as you need. The garden boxes are even wall mountable if you choose to have single standalone soil gardens, or attach the entire garden stack to a wall and add-on to an existing system.

It’s perfect for your apartment, patio, and backyard. It also makes a great addition to your business if you own a hotel or restaurant!

Created out of necessity, the founder says he “literally invented this garden system to save his life,” designing the early prototypes while being bed-ridden. Sick and disabled, he needed a way to grow healthy food in his apartment so that he could heal his body.

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The company was started in Dallas, Texas, in 2010. Since then, they have gathered a worldwide market with distributors on 6 continents, with news and media contacts all lined up awaiting the new release.

They just started pre-selling their newest model at a special price of $399.

The new model also includes a removable insulated window that lets you see the fish, while keeping them safe.

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