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I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that we all have the power to drastically impact the world. Our minds may argue and belittle us, trying to convince us that we are just one person of over 7 billion (and therefore helpless), but thankfully there are many of us who refuse to let such negative messaging get in our way.

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Robyn Rosenberg is a great example of this. A seamstress by trade, Robyn has put her talents to full use through her company TinySuperheroes, a tiny cape producing company with the goal of empowering children battling illness or disability.

Robyn’s endeavour began as a hobby in 2012, but transformed into an uplifting movement when she was inspired by a blog she had been following about a little girl born with a very rare skin disorder. Robyn contacted the family, sent the little girl an empowering cape, and has since done the same for thousands of other children in need.

Find out more about her story in the following video:

There are few things more inspiring in this world than a child’s imagination, and the concept of igniting that imagination even further through a superhero cape is truly wonderful. As much as medication and treatment, both traditional and alternative, play a big role in recovery, I believe we can never write off the importance of consciousness.

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By consciousness I am referring to the mental state of the individual facing the difficult situation, including their mood and belief in their ability to overcome the hardship. A superhero cape may not give the human body what it is lacking or in need of, but it certainly has the power to shift how that body feels about whatever it is going through.

I’m incredibly inspired by the work of Robyn Rosenberg and the rest of the TinySuperheroes team. I encourage all of you to find out more about the company through their website and to nominate anyone you feel would benefit from a cape or to donate a cape to someone in need.

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