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Where has human connection gone? This is the question that The Liberators International social movement is hoping to answer and resolve through the world’s biggest eye contact experiment.

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On October 15th, 2015, over 45,000 people across 50 cities will be sitting in public spaces to share eye contact with one another and break down some of the barriers we seem to have built around ourselves. Participating cities include: Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Montreal, Toronto, Prague, London, Helsinki, Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, Ibiza, Boston, and Los Angeles, amongst dozens of others. (For a full list of participating cities click HERE.)

If your city is on the list, be sure to stay in the loop by finding out more about it via the event’s official Facebook page. And if your city isn’t listed, there is still plenty of time for you to be a part of the team that helps to organize one in your own community. The group behind the experiment has put together this resource to make organization and participation as easy as possible.

Confused about how this social experiment will look, or how it will impact both participants and observers? Check out the following video, which shows footage from one run at an earlier date:

Local organizers are encouraged to film their version of the experiment and to send their footage to The Liberators International for use in a compilation video that is sure to go viral!

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The subject of eye gazing is certainly a familiar topic here at CE, as several team members, myself included, have experienced the power of visual connection for ourselves. One of my most profound experiences took place at an Eye Gazing Speed Dating event that a longtime friend organized in Toronto last year. While the dating context certainly added a unique spin to the event, the part that stood out for me was the inherent similarity I saw in the eyes of such outwardly unique women.

It didn’t matter whether they were young, old, physically attractive to me or not, all of their eyes blended into one another and were easy to both connect with and feel love for. It reminded me of the interconnectedness we all share, and that the eyes truly are the window to the soul and a powerful tool for breaking down a lot of the outward judgements we unnecessarily make about each other.

I’m incredibly curious to see how this social experiment goes in each of the participating cities, and hope that this article inspires you to connect with one another — whether through a sanctioned event or not.

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