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In this week’s episode of our web series These Guys, Joe and I discussed the younger generations of the world, and whether or not they are a glimmer of hope or a source of doom. While arguments and examples can certainly be offered to support both sides of the spectrum, I’m happy to report on one individual who demonstrates the more positive outcome to be true.

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Joe Landolina, a 22 year old with a Masters Degree from NYU, has discovered an organic based healing gel (Vetigel) that is capable of stopping bleeding from a wound in seconds. The gel is algae-based and is currently only available to veterinarians, who have used it with such great results on cats and dogs that over 200 clinics have preordered the miracle substance.

The application process of the gel is relatively simple, as the gel needs only to be loaded into a syringe and dispensed onto the source of the bleeding. The process is visually demonstrated in the following video:

(WARNING: The video contains graphic content that may not be suitable for some viewers)

If his current age of 22 isn’t impressive enough, it’s even more remarkable to know that Joe first showed interest in the realm of tissue engineering at the age of 17. Since that point, he has not only developed this gel with the capability to completely revolutionize how veterinarians (and hopefully eventually doctors) can handle blood loss in medical emergencies, he has also become the CEO of Suneris.

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It’s certainly refreshing to hear of a young individual who has accomplished so much, especially when compared to so many fellow youths who spend the bulk of their time consumed by pop culture.

Assuming that the healing gel continues to perform well in veterinary clinics, the FDA is expected to approve the substance for human use at some point in 2016.


What are your thoughts on Vetigel? Would you trust it being used on you or a loved one in an emergency? And what are your thoughts on the world’s youth? Do you feel that they are a glimmer of hope or a source of doom? Let us know via the comment section below.


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