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A soft, corporate dictatorship with financial, academic, and regulatory reach has kept the revolutionary spirt of the population at bay through a false narrative to label genetically modified food. The People have voted to stop chemical pesticide and herbicide testing in their communities only to be ignored, while at the local level, agrochemical products are destroying farmers and families. Hospitals are turning a blind eye and most doctors are clueless about the signs and symptoms of pesticide and herbicide exposure.

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Perhaps labels were never the answer for a corporate monopoly whose intent is to patent life. As communities are invaded by chemical companies cloaked as agricultural progress, is it wise to use vital revolutionary energy still attempting to attach a label onto their known toxic products? While looking the other way, our children are slowly poisoned by chemicals we are still arguing to name and categorize. At what point does this new threat to communities be seen for what it is?

The politicians, judges, and bankers have continually proven that their upward mobility will always come before a community’s food integrity and sacred land. Those without strong moral conviction standing too close to the unchecked profit taking get pulled into the void; their voice monetized while our birthright of the sacred seed is taken from our hands.

Communities in Need

Technology is nebulous in its morality, resonating only the consciousness and will of those who wield it. Food can bring health, build community, and strengthen family. Food can also be used as a weapon while providing maximum profit for the few who own and covet it through regulatory claims and unjust practices. Current laws will say that GMO food and its associated chemicals are the same as non-GMO food, therefore requiring no studies, research, or safety data. Meanwhile, judges are ruling that the chemical testing of banned and unknown poisons can continue unchecked in your community. Ask around to your local land owners and farmers; is your community a test plot for experimental chemicals like Maui, Ashland Oregon, Kauai and others?

A toxic social injustice that cuts through race and gender waging its insults against our very genetics and the continued survival of our current species. Over the years, individual communities who are experiencing the variety of ill-health brought by GMO food are realizing that time makes more converts than the flimsy scientific reasoning that perpetuated the poisons

Activating Disobedience 

For the above mentioned corruption, fraud, and crimes against humanity, history has given The People a playbook. The simple and rapid method of civil disobedience has been shown effective throughout the ages. We face a new form of broken social contract mixed with illegitimate and illegal slander of The People’s right to clean food What is required are focused methods of civil disobedience implemented continually and perfected through time. Direct actions by individuals and small groups that set examples and bleed over eventually hijacking the false narratives of GMO labeling, GMO safety, and the continued pandering to politicians for change.

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The unlimited, fractaled solutions to move away from corporate food, GMO’s, and toxic agrochemical belongs solely to the millions of activated, creative minds in the world.

The boycott is still alive and well waiting to be activated against corporate bottom lines laying hopelessly vulnerable to the purchasing and trends of the populations they abuse. On an individual level, if you can carry a sign in a protest, you can plant a garden.  Familiarize yourself with Ron Finley if you need ideas on how to change culture

Candidates Don’t Care

No presidential candidate has properly addressed this frontal assault by way of a corporate monopoly that is genetically modified food. The current president pandered to the people stating he would label GMO food in 2008. He has since been revealed as a complete corporate puppet to the surprise of no one. As the campaign trail starts to see action, creative solutions to corporate monopoly will never come from a talking head or a centralized government. No words uttered from a podium or loaded into a teleprompter will serve to dislodge the corporate control over our seeds and our soil. In a system that appears broken, solutions can only come from outside of it. Decentralized, purposeful steps in every community from individuals with integrity, grounded egos, and a healthy dose of courage can change everything. If you deeply care, you are greatly needed. Perhaps it is time to stave the takers and feed the givers.

Corporations don’t have children. They don’t have feelings or soul. They don’t depend on uncontaminated water, clean air or healthy food to survive. They are beholden to one thing—the bottom line.” -Neil Young

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