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The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is one of the most fascinating, revolutionary, and useful research initiatives being carried out in the world today. Its potential to improve the quality of our life is infinite, with the scientific method being its only hindrance – to prove beyond reasonable doubt that we are all one.

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GCP is the brainchild of Dr. Roger D. Nelson, a professor at Princeton University who holds a PhD in Experimental Cognitive Psychology. He has the distinction of being the first scientist to find a way of measuring with mathematical models what ancient spiritual traditions have always claimed: we are all one. Nelson has devised a way to measure the field of global consciousness, a field that unites us, and in doing so has revealed that we are the cells of a single body. That body is humanity.

The scientific name given to this phenomenon is Electrogaiagram (EGG). It is measured through a network of one hundred computers in many different parts of the world that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, emitting ones and zeros in a predefined random pattern.

The data released from each of these computers are sent to a supercomputer at the University of Princeton for analysis. What this giant computer is looking for are anomalies in the behavior of the network.

A data stream is signified as an anomaly if its behavior cannot be explained and yet it is a statistically significant diversion from the normal pattern. The fact is that each computer in the network is programmed to exhibit a series of 0s and 1s.

Therefore, it can’t make an error on its own unless something electrically significant, like a tangible thought, interacts with its processing capability. This results in glitches. So in a perfect scenario there shouldn’t be any of them, right? Turns out that these anomalies exist and become very marked when major events of our times are unfolding. What such events have in common is that they focus the attention of millions of people to a single point, a common focus such as meditation.

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The investigators at GCP associate these anomalies to the effect of the human mind on matter beyond the frontiers of its normal sphere of influence. It might be that our brains are communicating on invisible pathways all the time. But this electrical activity becomes more profound when the collective consciousness of millions of people is focused on a single event. This results in a field of consciousness that is strong enough to affect artificial intelligence within its vicinity.

However, what is even more baffling is that these anomalies are mostly predictive, often happening hours before the original event takes place. Researchers found one such significant irregularity 4 hours prior to the September 11 attacks, where the mathematical analysis of the data showed that the New York computer broke the 1 to 0 ratio of 50:50 to 1:35!

Similar incongruities were observed prior to the terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda in Madrid in 2004 and London in 2005, along with the tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia and the election of President Obama.  So, does this mean that our collective, global consciousness knows of a major event before our individual consciousness does?

There still might be a long time before these findings are scientifically corroborated. But this research is very promising in the aspect that, once proven, could be instrumental in breaking down the barriers that divide us humans.

If we are but cells in one single body then we would rid all evil doings because we would know that anything that affects one cell is bound to affect the whole body on some scale.

In short, the world would become an extremely better place to live in.

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