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This past weekend, I was manipulated.

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Or, more accurately, I allowed myself to be manipulated.

I attended a 2-day training with the intention of learning some new tools to help myself and others. Within the first five minutes, my gut was already feeling strange (and it wasn’t the egg sandwich I ate for breakfast).

I could tell right away that the presentation was heavily scripted (they were mouthing each other’s words throughout the two days) and the friendliness and playfulness between the two workshop leaders was false. They were definitely overacting.

I was feeling irritated and I decided I didn’t like the presentation.

But I second guessed myself. I thought I was being too judgmental, so I continued.

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The presenters then began to imply that the attendees were inherently flawed and that in order to be successful and empowered, we needed their tools. Apparently, the only way for us to get these tools was to enroll in a 8-day course with them. I understood that their intention was to upsell us and they were doing it in a shady kind of way.

But then I second guessed my insights and continued.

The presenters repeatedly put the attendees down by pointing out their flaws, encouraging them to purchase their course (even if that meant creating conflict with their spouse or financial hardship), and minimizing the participants’ personal intuition and inner wisdom.

By this point, my intuition was screaming to me that something wasn’t right.

The leaders claimed to be “spiritually advanced” after having attended mystery schools for over 28 years. They claimed to be offering this course in the name of divine service.

These workshop leaders wanted us to purchase their course so that we could “become” powerful. They sought to fix us in 8 days… in exchange for $6,000.

My gut said not to trust them and this time I listened.

Over lunch break on the second training day, I shared my thoughts with my friend who admitted that she had been feeling the same way throughout the course. Her gut also said not to trust them.

At the end of the training, I declined to purchase their $6,000 course. The workshop facilitators pressured me to change my mind. It didn’t matter. I knew what my heart wanted me to do.

I went home and did my own research. I found that the majority of their material was copied from multiple websites and pasted directly into the training manuals we received on the first day of the course. I also found trainers with many years more experience offering the same certifications for $5700 LESS than the “discounted” course that was being offered.

I sat back in my chair. My gut was right once again. I was so happy I had acted on my intuition.

My mind went back to all of the students in the room who were so desperately seeking a tool to “fix” themselves. They were in broken marriages or financially desperate, some unhealthy or experiencing problems in their business, and 90% of them went ahead and purchased the $6,000 course.

That was their path.

The course taught me quite a few lessons about personal empowerment, none of which were in our training manual. I’ve compiled a list of four tips that can help you decide whether a product or service is right for you.

1. No product or service can make you feel whole. Only you can do this.

At the most, a product or service can only assist you is seeing your wholeness.

Anyone that tells you anything different is selling something to you.

You may have bumps and scrapes from the past that can make you feel broken, but that doesn’t mean you are broken.

You are absolutely whole and beautiful the way you are.

2. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right.

Your gut has your back. If something doesn’t feel right to you, then trust yourself first.

If someone tells you that there’s something wrong with you for declining their offer, they’re not looking out for your highest good. Period.

3. Feeling discomfort isn’t always a bad thing.

Every single time we take an action that involves stepping out of our comfort zone, we will experience fear on some level. This is normal. Learn to distinguish the difference between your gut saying “no” because it’s not right for you and your gut saying, “This is uncomfortable because its new!”

4. Is this purchase a solution or just a Band-aid?

We will always buy something to fill a need or a want.

Once you determine your need or want, you’ll be better able to see if your purchase can actually satisfy it.

For example, if you’re feeling “brokenhearted” and your intention is to feel whole by making a purchase, then that product or service will only temporarily cover up your feelings of heartbreak.

Be honest with yourself about your motivations for making that purchase and the answer will be obvious to you.

Ultimately, you are the powerful creator of your reality. Your free will is a gift. When you decide to invest your precious time, energy, and money in something, do so consciously. Remember, no one knows what’s better for you than you.

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