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What might become possible if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are way, WAY more incredible than you know?

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For many if not all of my new clients, this is the missing inner piece.  If you don’t know how loveable, capable, and deserving you truly are, it isn’t difficult to see how easy it is to become paralysed by fear and stuck in painful alternate realities based on limiting beliefs and untruths.

Have you ever stopped for a moment only to realise that you’ve spent years living a life that doesn’t reflect who you really are?  Perhaps you have been hanging out with the wrong crowd, found yourself embedded in a circle of people who don’t really see, know, or care to know the real person at your core. Perhaps you’re engaging in self-destructive behaviours or activities, or are in a career or relationship that doesn’t honour the vast magnitude and consciousness of who you sense yourself to be.

It isn’t uncommon in a moment like this for you to ALSO realise that you have a catalog of deep inner needs that have gone unmet for a very long time.

If this is you, recognise that this is an important, time-stopping kind of moment!

This is one of those specks in time where you get to see and hold yourself on the cusp of huge potential for life-change.  

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Your ability to capitalise on this realisation, however, depends on several factors — your courage, your level of trust in your bigger, wiser Self and in the intelligence built into the soul-led journey you are on, your feeling of being supported and seen, and your willingness to ask and receive help. Entering this new phase requires fresh new self-understanding and ways of responding to the various relationships and situations in your life.

And it is vital in this moment of realisation that you really ‘get’ that your needs are neither negotiable nor time-sensitive.  Unless you are willing to face your fears around stepping into a new level of possibility and ‘havingness’ for yourself, honour your deepest soul-level needs, and seal your commitment to your happiness with deliberate, concrete action in the present moment, you might as well be throwing your fate to the wind expecting that somehow, all the kinks in your life will magically work themselves out.

Sadly however, within your heart of hearts, you already know that no amount of wishing, wanting, or hoping is going to create the kind of meaningful and permanent changes you need.

So What Are You Going To Do?

Here is where it becomes so very important that you carve out some sacred time to get quiet and be brutally honest with yourself about where you sense you have been creating your present life from a place of deep inner fear.  Common fears include the fear of failure, success, being judged, not being beautiful, young, educated, or otherwise good enough. So start journalling. Write it down.  Let it all flow out.  Give yourself the opportunity to begin unraveling and releasing the energy and emotions within you that have become enmeshed in this place of pain.

Another way to look at this is to consider where, how, and WHY you have been holding yourself back from creating precisely the new kinds of loving experiences, validating relationships, and opportunities you want the most.

And then, once you’ve gotten clear on this and your flow of writing has stopped, realise that your truth is now OUT.

So What Are You Going To Do?

In order that you can harness this flow of new awareness and understanding, you need to ground it into your day-to-day life by taking deliberate, conscious action.  To not take action now would be to fritter away your expanded consciousness, your view of yourself, and what you truly deserve and need in order to be happy and thrive.

Think of just ONE way in which you have been selling out on your personal values, your time, or your TRUTH and make a conscious decision that the next time this situation comes up, you are going to choose a different response — one that honours the REAL you.  Or, perhaps you will find that there is a call you need to make, a conversation you need to have, something you actually need to go say or do differently rather than waiting for the situation to present itself again.

So What Are You Going To Do?

Your ability to continue carving out sacred time and space for yourself moving forward is the key towards building your pool of inner resources that will, step by step, help you create lasting life change.

Make a sacred commitment to yourself now that your present and future happiness means everything — your fulfilment in every area of your life hinges upon it.

Open yourself up fully to your inner wisdom, connect in with your heart and ask yourself what are the most aligned next steps for you.

Based on what you know about your deeply entrenched patterns and fears, what are the areas in which you are seeing you might get stuck?

Where are you sensing you would benefit from asking for and receiving help?

So what are you going to do?

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