We all know that Photoshop can be a very powerful tool. When used effectively, it can drastically manipulate an image, often to the point where it appears entirely different from the original —  something that we regularly see and have come to expect from pretty well every magazine cover, spread, and advertisement we’re exposed to.

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Despite this unfortunate manipulation, Photoshop can also be used positively in a number of ways, including to emphasize something that the original photo isn’t capable of showing. One such positive use includes removing elements from pictures, such as electronic devices, or in this case — people.

As a part of their #ELLEFeminism campaign, ELLE Magazine has released a short video — created by Alex Holder and Alyssa Boni — via their YouTube channel ELLEUKTV. The video features the original capture of a number of celebrated or recognizable moments, as well as that same moment minus all of the men.

We may have made a number of fundamental strides towards gender equality, but as this video clearly shows, in many respects, we still have quite a way to go. Check it out:

What I particularly enjoyed about this video is that it effectively emphasized an issue during moments that, in many cases, were otherwise celebrated as accomplishments for women in positions of influence. While it is certainly wonderful to see these women working in traditionally ‘masculine’ positions, it’s astounding to see how outnumbered they still are.

As Elle‘s campaign reminds us, to this day in business, music, art, and media, women rarely outnumber men, and every woman who rises above this is a living example that balance will one day be possible.

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Whether you are male or female, let this article and video remind you of the role you can play in bringing us closer to gender equality. We all have the ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to, and it’s time we truly created a world which reflects that.

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