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The battle against Genetically Modified Organisms continues to gain steam as two more European countries have joined a rapidly growing list of nations enforcing some form of a ban against the agricultural method.

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Both Italy and Austria are now in the process of banning GMO agriculture, joining a list of European countries that includes France, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Greece, and many more. The widespread action is due in large part to a newly created European Union rule that allows member countries to individually opt out of growing GMO crops.

The most impressive and conclusive action taken thus far globally has been by Russia, which followed up their April 2014 announcement that they would be banning the import of all GMO products with a promise to ban GMO products altogether by the country’s Deputy Prime Minister earlier this month.

With so many countries putting an end to this agricultural method, the pressure is on for those who continue to support GMO practices to consider otherwise. The global success of organized movements, such as the March Against Monsanto, certainly makes it feel as if we are very close to reaching a tipping point where GM methods will no longer be accepted or stood for worldwide.

For those of us, myself included, who live in a part of the world where GMO products are widely available and even supported, it’s incredibly important that we vote with our dollars. Opt to buy organic and take the time to inform yourself of what packaged foods are created without GM ingredients.

In most cases the cost differential between the two options is not substantial, and even when it is, natural foods are worth opting for when all of the potential health implications are considered.

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If buying completely organic is not feasible given your financial situation, be sure to familiarize yourself with the dirty dozen, the 12 most chemically ridden produce items. Start by making the switch to organic with even one of these 12 at a time and gradually work your way up.

To see how much of an impact switching to a completely organic diet can have on your health, I strongly suggest that you check out this video featuring the before and after results of a family that made the shift.

If you would like to access more information/science behind why GMOs are concerning you can check out this article:

19 Countries Ban GMOs & Here’s Why

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