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Am I an introvert? I ask that question sometimes because of what my lifestyle looks like, and what I enjoy and what I don’t enjoy. I also question at times whether my own characteristics or even the characteristics of introverts and extroverts are just a matter of other bits of programming. belief systems, or pain bodies, etc.

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Take, for example, the overly loud and attention seeking individual who might just be self-conscious and want validation all the time, or the super quiet and introverted person who doesn’t want to talk to anyone for their own reasons of self-consciousness — if we removed those hurts, beliefs, and stories, would our actions change? This is the fascinating world of personality that we know so little about.

I came across the comics below and it was interesting as I could certainly relate to some at times. I could also see some of my friends in here, but looking at them still brought me back to those big questions. Why are people like this at times? (Not that there’s anything wrong with it.)

For me, I’m that guy who likes to stay at home more often than not, spending time with people close to me or close friends. I don’t like huge crowds or super loud settings. But I can go there, enjoy myself, and move on. I can also be in a social setting, talk up many people, and walk away feeling fine… other than when I reach the point where I’d love for things to be silent for a little bit. Haha.

Some people will tell me I don’t have enough fun because I don’t go out and dance, get drunk, or listen to loud music in a building where everyone is trying to make a pass at one another. But I can find fun in the simplest things in life and am always smiling. So I question, what is an introvert? What is an extrovert? Are they definitions we came up with because one group of people didn’t understand another? What am I?

Artist Aaron Caycedo-Kimura is one who feels he’s an introvert. After hitting an artistic block (he’s a painter and poet), he began to reflect on growing up as an introvert and how hard it can be in our society of aggressive individualism. So he took the moments he experienced of introversion and made comics out of them to share with the world.

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Check them out below:

10_AaronTCaycedoKimura_Turtle 9_AaronTCaycedoKimura_Telepathy 8_AaronTCaycedoKimura_AloneTogether 7_AaronTCaycedoKimura_Fun 6_AaronTCaycedoKimura_PeopledOut 4_AaronTCaycedoKimura_Circle 3_AaronTCaycedoKimura_GetsIt 2_AaronTCaycedoKimura_Recon 1_AaronTCaycedoKimura_EarlyBird

Check out Cayedo-Kimura’s page on Facebook.

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