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Sugar consumption and the detrimental impact it is having on our health continues to be a hot topic of discussion worldwide. Whether it be a man giving up sugar and alcohol consumption for a month to see how his body responds, or an infographic showing its effect on the body, sugar is certainly in the spotlight, and for good reason.

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One person at the forefront of the battle against the sweet substance is celebrity chef, restauranteur, and media personality, Jamie Oliver. Jamie is recognized by most for his work on cooking TV stations worldwide, but is now using his respected presence to speak out against something about which he is very passionate.

Jamie most recently voiced his concerns at a session of the Commons health select committee in the UK, where he proposed a potential remedy for our sugar addiction. His idea is to impose an additional tax upon the purchase of sugary foods and drinks, ultimately making unhealthy choices stand out that much more. Check it out briefly in the following video:

As Jamie mentions off the top of his presentation, his stance is not fuelled by his credentials but is instead driven by his concern as a parent.

While many, including the politicians with the power to implement it, may see a tax on these items as laughable, the intention behind it, I would argue, is actually laudable. It shows that our addiction has potentially become so serious that knowledge alone cannot drive our decisions and that we instead are getting to a point where a more tangible form of ‘punishment’ may be needed.

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Within his presentation, Jamie also called for clearer labelling on drinks, a ban on energy drinks in lunch boxes, limits on junk food sales near schools, and an increased focus on cooking classes in school curriculums. He has also recommended that junk food ads only be allowed to air in the later parts of the day, when children are less likely to be exposed to them.

I personally have been making a conscious effort to limit my daily sugar intake to below the suggested value outlined in the film Fed Up, which if you haven’t seen, I strongly suggest you check out.

Whether or not you agree with Jamie’s stance on implementing a sugar tax, let his passion inspire you to observe how much sugar you and your loved ones are consuming each day. Challenge yourself to monitor your consumption and identify whether or not you physically and mentally feel better when you do choose to abstain.

For those who are interested in learning more about Jamie Oliver’s sugar activism, I encourage you to check out his official website dedicated to it.


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