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In a fast paced world, you have a very limited amount of time to get your message across. Being clear and focused plays a key role in determining how many people hear and understand your message. It is human nature to express ourselves in hopes that others share that same thought, emotion, or experience. It is our need to feel connected, our desire to be part of a whole, that drives the urge for meaningful dialogue.

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At this point in human history, we are faced with a wide variety of problems and it is up to us all to find simple and effective ways to point out those problems, as well as equally simple and effective ways of communicating the solution. We cannot solve all the world’s problems in one day, but we can begin to open up the discourse to the larger collective.  Through meaningful acts that engage the larger public we can all play a role in the collective evolution of humanity.

The power of social media gives us a tool to reach out to one another like never before.  It is the tool that bridges gaps, forms networks, and solidifies movements.  We are all actively playing a role in shaping the collective conscious of our social circles and the world at large.



Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.36.28 PMArt plays a very important role in the consciousness of human beings.  Art has the ability to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly to the subconscious that connects us all. Through symbols, shapes, and colours, it can take the viewer deep into the heart of our own circumstance. It speaks to our own wants, needs, and desires. If done right, art can profoundly affect the way a person views a problem, as well as its inevitable solution.

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Using art as a vehicle for change is not only a possibility, it is an absolute must. Its power to affect the mind and hearts of many is far too powerful to ignore.  Instead we need to harness its powers and direct it towards good to have a positive effect on our world and all those that call this planet home.



Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 3.36.46 PMThis is a series of illustrations aimed at influencing the public discourse on the vital issues that face humanity. The images are simple and direct; they seem to speak profoundly with no other information given. Tell us below what you think the images mean. You play a vital role in the effectiveness of these images; by sharing this post you are contributing to the positive propaganda that sways the masses. If you agree with these images, let your voices be heard and your power felt.



 1 – Communication


2 – Outlook


3 – Contagious


4 – Freedom


5 – That’s Illegal


6 – Epidemic


7 – Rebellion


8 – War


9 – Perspective


10 – Lone Wolf

0351da151c0281f1606c10b7fd7ad2ff11 – Mushroom Cloud


12 – Opportunity Cost


13 – The Hand That Feeds


14 – Liberty


15 – Protest


16 –  Too Short To Box With God


17 – Ride a Bike


18 – Free


19 – Pattern of Thieves


20 – What Would Jesus Do?


This content was Produced by The Illuminatree: A collective of artists who have grouped together for the betterment of mankind.


Hope you enjoyed looking and thinking about the various digital illustrations posted above. Feel free to comment on what you think the images mean; simply put the number before your description so we all know which image you are referring to. No answer is wrong and all answers help the public discourse. Feel free to download the images and use them for whatever purpose you desire. These images were meant to be shared. This is a gift.

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