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  • Do you have trouble finding healthy places to eat while travelling?
  • Do you follow a specific diet and wish you could easily find restaurants that cater to your needs?
  • Are you looking for organic, fair-trade, or local ingredients and wonder where is the nearest grocery store that offers these options?
  • Do you want to support healthy and conscious businesses yet wonder where to find them?

Good news, your struggle is over! RealFood, an organization advocating conscious eating for a healthier and more sustainable world, has launched its first app on Android and iOS.

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The RealFood App: Healthy choices at your fingertips

No more tireless online searches, confusing directions, or missing out on delicious and unique healthy options. The Realfood app will enable you to find exactly what you are looking for, down to the very detail. It’s as simple as turning on your GPS! You can filter your search based on your specific dietary preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan-friendly, raw food, organic, local etc.), the type of place you’d like to find (restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, grocery store, farmer’s market, natural health store, etc.), and the type of food/cuisine that suits your mood (sushi, indian, pizza etc.). This app provides all possible options within seconds!

“RealFood was initially developed to help me find healthy places to eat while I was travelling for work, but it became so much more,” explains Ali Sicimli, founder of RealFood.

“As I grew conscious of the ways in which our diet impacts our lives, our communities and our world at large, I realized that empowering and facilitating conscious food choices are crucial in steering humanity towards a more sustainable future.”

RealFood’s mission is to transform the world, one healthy and conscious choice at a time.

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At present time, the Realfood app features over 3,500 businesses across Canada and the list continues to expand every day. The company plans on expanding to US locations in 2016.

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Along with the release of their app, RealFood has launched an online educational resource for everything relating to health, food, mindful living, and sustainability. The blog will be sharing exclusive content such as homemade recipes, product reviews, and health programs created by a passionate team of health professionals and researchers. RealFood is committed to becoming a trusted reference in the field of alternative health and nutrition while being a strong force in promoting and supporting health-conscious businesses.

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