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Are we alone in the universe? I’m not just talking about other living organisms like plants and bacteria, I’m talking about intelligent, conscious, and communicating beings who may look like you and I or who may look completely different. This is a question on many people’s minds today, as it has been for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

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In the past this topic might have been viewed as fringe, or crazy, but today it’s almost become commonplace. With the internet fuelling the charge of information that can spread like wildfire about experiences, opinions, and sightings, the reality of extraterrestrial disclosure is not only impending, but also keenly desired by many people.

Last week I shared some thoughts on my FB page about humanity’s course in evolution, specifically consciously, and how that relates to our curiosity about extraterrestrials.

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What I’m getting at in this statement is that I believe our curiosities are being fuelled by a greater knowing of where new things can take us. Whether that was developing the internet out of a desire to connect better or even wanting to connect with ETs because of what perspectives that can bring, they are all part of a greater picture of evolving consciously.

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Deepak’s Thoughts

At the 2015 Science & Non-Duality Conference we had a chance to sit down with Deepak Chopra and talk about many things. One of those topics was ET life in our universe. Watch as our own Mark DeNicola gets Deepak’s thoughts on the subject, as well as much more.

Other than this really interesting statement — “Have we made contact with them? It depends who you ask.” — what I found most exciting about this interview is what he shared at the end. He explained that he himself is experimenting with shifting his consciousness in order to connect to what could be another frequency range in which one could connect with other beings —because they are consciousness also. Simply put, when you move out of body-mind consciousness and open yourself up to the universe within, you never know what you may connect with, as the universe is within you as well.

Does Extraterrestrial Life Exist?

In a simple way of exploring this topic, I refer to an interview conducted recently in which the new Prime Minister of Canada responded to a (likely staged) question about cabinet gender equality with the statement: “It’s 2015.” In the same fashion I’d like to say, with all the information, testimonials, images, videos, high profile whistleblowers and more that make up the body of evidence pointing to the existence of ETs… well, it’s 2015, folks.

Many of us simply haven’t taken the time to do the research, and that’s okay. But do that research, expand your knowledge, and you’ll likely see the truth of the matter. 🙂

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