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Events like those witnessed in Paris, France just a few days ago show us the care and empathy humans can have for one another, while at the same time highlighting our capacity for cruelty and violence. On one side we have a horrible event that has claimed the lives of many, left countless injured, and traumatized a great deal more. On the other, we have people standing up saying they do not fear terrorism, they do not subordinate to it, and they will maintain a loving heart — flying in the face of the obvious desire to incite hate in their hearts through these deeds. The world has gotten behind France in a number of ways and this is encouraging to see. It is clear that at our core, we care for one another and wish the best for each other, even if our actions at times suggest the opposite.

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What’s interesting about what is happening in France, however, is the fact that we are hearing so much about it. Much like after events that have occurred on US soil, the media is now bombarding us with images and stories about France. But what about all the other attacks that happen every day around the world? For example, many died and many were injured in Beirut during bombings last Friday. What about when Kenya was bombed in April and 147 were left dead? Why did we not cover this to the max and change our Facebook profile pictures to include overlays of Kenyan flags? Let’s be clear, I’m not saying supporting fellow humans is wrong. I am simply asking us to consider how we decide which tragedies deserve our attention and which do not. Why is the media only focusing on certain people in certain parts of the world? In another shift of perspective, why wasn’t the United States military viewed as a terrorist group when they killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq over years of war following the events of 9/11? The reality is they were viewed as terrorists by many, just not in the eyes of corporate-controlled mainstream media.

The France Terror Attacks in 4 Minutes

One thing that is tough to decipher is: what is really going on in France? Who caused the attacks? Why so much coverage? Like clockwork, just a day or so after the events occurred, ISIS claimed to be responsible for it. If we take into consideration the following argument by University of Ottawa Professor Emeritus of Economics and Canadian economist Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, the situation becomes complicated indeed:

A criminal undertaking at a global level … and there is an ongoing war … The global war on terrorism … which is fake, it’s based on fake premises. It tells us that somehow America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic state, when in fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance … They say Muslims are terrorists, but it just so happens that terrorists are Made in America. . . . The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity. (source)(source)

The fact that it has become — ironically — mainstream to be skeptical of mainstream media (and for good reason) has opened up a curious stream of searching amongst a population who simply want answers. The trouble is, those answers are difficult to find, especially when we receive so much politically charged information that is also widely and blindly accepted as truth.

Luke Rudkowski, founder of WeAreChange, has pulled together a number of pieces to the puzzle and compiled them into one interesting video that gives a much less biased picture of what is going on today. Luke is well known for his journalism in the alternative world, as he really gets on the ground and pushes boundaries in order to unearth the truth. He is willing to ask the questions corporate media simply won’t ask, but should. Check out his video below.

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“This news is heartbreaking to cover but we need to have a full understanding of this, we need to ask questions and we need to demand answers from our government officials to make sure this never happens again.” -Luke Rudkowski

Typical Mainstream Media Coverage

As per usual we can also sum up mainstream media’s coverage of this in a simple image. We only hear about what those who direct the media want us to hear, and in a fashion so politically driven that it’s hard to even discern the truth behind the story. Thankfully we live in an age where people can be on the ground, exploring and covering information themselves quickly and effectively in order to give us a better look at what really is going on. We may not have all the answers yet, but we have a clearer picture thanks to alternative media. It’s certainly more complete and educational than what the mainstream media will provide in this era of information.


Finally, I’d like to share a message I feel strongly about as well. It’s written by Claire Bernish over at The Anti Media. Her words are important to me simply because I believe the picking and choosing of who and what we stand behind when things like this occur has to change. We must learn to shift our consciousness to begin to see we are all in this together and that even these events can serve to teach us about ourselves, each other, and our world. More separation, hate, division, and fear are only going to make matters worse. We have to come together in unity, and begin thinking globally about how we can meet our challenges together. We must break down the barriers of country, religion, race, and language, and realize who and what we are at our core. We are all people of this planet. We are all human.

The physical solutions to our spiritual and belief-oriented challenges will be borne of a shifting of our consciousness around the matter, not simply by taking action. We can’t solve our challenges from the same level of consciousness that produced them in the first place.

From Claire Bernish:

I mourn the hundreds of thousands displaced or killed in Syria, no matter their pledged allegiance. No matter their professed religion. No matter.

I mourn for the millions killed in ongoing and renewed, illegal United States’ aggression in Iraq — and those facing a torturous demise from exposure to depleted uranium employed in violation of international and humanitarian law — for reasons far closer to ‘American’ and corporate hegemony than compassionate principle.

I mourn the untold number killed in the United States’ insidious — and seemingly permanent — war in Afghanistan. And the countless children there who know nothing of peace, much less the feeling of safety it brings. And patients and staff recently targeted, bombed, and then shot while fleeing the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kunduz — and the irony of that humanitarian organization’s French roots.

I mourn those forced into human slavery or sex trafficking in Malaysia; and curse the scant hope they escape, now that the massive TPP has garnered U.S. government’s tacit approval of the abhorrence that is human trade.

I mourn for Palestinians, whose land was usurped — and whose lives and infrastructure and families and sense of security and HOMES are under siege and occupation by an illegal and actively terrorist State.

I mourn the patients and staff at the over 100 healthcare facilities in Yemen that have been BOMBED since March. And the apparently soulless who found an acceptable target in hospitals.

I mourn for Yemen.

I mourn for the victims of complicit government violence in Mexico, and 43 students and their families who lack answers.

I mourn for Chinese men, women, and children working, quite literally, as slaves, so the West can be rude at dinner and take endless pictures — of its narcissistically apathetic self.

I mourn rampant genocide — past and present — for the sake of manifest destiny. And empire. And imperialism. And inexplicable and unstated reasons.

In fact, I mourn for all victims of terror, whether State or group sponsored, without conditions attached to my grief — no matter location, nor loyalty, nor arbitrary geopolitical happenstance of location of a victim’s birth. And I’m already grieving those soon to be terror’s next victims; since, as French President François Hollande jarringly warned, avenging Paris’ victims just birthed (yet another) “PITILESS” war.

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