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Recently a video was released that was filmed by an undercover investigator working inside Quality Pork Processors, which is a USDA inspected slaughterhouse in Minnesota supplying meat exclusively to Hormel, the makers of Spam and other popular processed pork products. The investigator works for the animal rights activist group Compassion Over Killing. What he found was absolutely appalling and will surely make anyone think twice about where his or her meat is coming from…

This footage was taken at one of 5 slaughterhouses in the U.S. Operating under a USDA pilot program referred to as “HIMP,” these slaughter facilities allow for high speed slaughter and reduced government oversight. What does that mean, exactly? These facilities operate faster than any other line speeds at any other facility in the U.S.; approximately 1,300 pigs are killed each hour.

Because of this extremely fast slaughtering process, workers have to take many inhumane shortcuts that in turn lead to the completely unacceptable suffering of millions of pigs and put the safety of the products in jeopardy for the consumers.

The Video Below Documents The Following (From

  • animals being beaten, shocked, dragged, and improperly stunned—all out of view of the few government inspectors
  • sick and injured pigs unable to walk, known as “downers,” enduring particularly egregious abuses, since they cannot walk to the kill floor
  • pigs covered in feces or pus-filled abscesses being slaughtered and processed for human consumption with a USDA inspection seal of approval
  • numerous instances of improper stunning and slaughter, potentially leading to some animals entering the scalding tank while still alive
  • a supervisor sleeping on the job when he should have been overseeing the stunning process to ensure workers were following protocol

**Warning** Graphic Content

Believe me, I know this footage is extremely hard to look at, and I am sure that the many of us who are already aware of the inhumane practices which take place in slaughterhouses do not need to see another vivid example. Reading about it is difficult enough. Some people, however, are simply unaware of what is going on. These are the people who could benefit the most from seeing this footage. Ignorance is not bliss, and we have a right to be informed about what exactly is going on from these companies that many people ‘know and ‘trust.’

What really irks me is that animal cruelty and abuse to animals is often a criminal offence — how is it, then, that these major corporations are getting away with such abhorrent practices?

First of all, DO NOT BUY HORMEL products. If you are unsure, read the label or check out their list of products on their website and carry this list around with you. If enough people stop buying these products, Hormel will have no choice but to go bankrupt or change their methods. As consumers, we have to believe that we hold the power to make a difference.

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Spread the word. Unfortunately, I have noticed that articles about topics such as these tend to not do very well. I assume it’s because the only people that actually read them are people who are already animals rights activists. You don’t need to show the video to everyone and push it in their faces, but you can at least inform people of what is really going on. Don’t forget that your approach will make a huge difference in how the information is received. Come from a place of love, for the animals and the consumers.

Much Love

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