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It has been a 21 year feud with the government for raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt, and over the past 9 years or so, for the Glencolton Farm shareholders as well. The farm, which produces a everything from vegetables to meats and dairy, is being harassed by government officials with threats, surveillance, raids, and outright intimidation. You can read more here.

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It is illegal to sell raw milk in Canada, but if you own a cow you are able to drink its milk. So that’s what the members of Glencolton farm share did, taking advantage of this legal technicality by electing to each own a piece of a cow. By doing so, they could all legally enjoy raw milk. This loophole was discovered by the government, however, and quickly eradicated.

The members then moved to own the farm instead of just the bovine. This is apparently still not in accordance with government regulations and they now have to operate with caution. One shareholder, Mascha Perrone, stresses the ridiculousness of this situation, as she was under the impression that this was all cleared years ago. The challenging thing about the situation is that they have tried on a number of occasions to set up a face-to-face meeting with government officials to outline the concerns of each party and talk about the issue, all to no avail.

The setting of this story takes place once a week at the back of a community church, where groceries are given out in accordance with what the farm has provided for the week. It’s systematic and organized. However, because they have been raided on more than one occasion they are cautious about who comes around and why. No one has ever gotten sick or hurt from any of the raw milk products produced by Schmidt, who has been farming for his entire life. Mascha has the utmost faith in his farming practices and that’s why she, like all the other shareholders, are frustrated that Schmidt and the farm are being harassed. All they want is a meeting with government officials and the right to choose what they put in their bodies. You can support Michael and the Glencolton Farm at

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