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The picture used for this article speaks a thousand words, and highlights what ultimately needs to happen on this planet, and that is for all beings to adopt a nonviolent way of life. We need a shift in consciousness — a shift in thought. You may say I’m a dreamer, but having worked in this field for almost six years now, I know I’m not the only one. Just imagine what our world would look like if every human being refused to participate in any kind of violence. Just imagine a planet out there, home to a race that has evolved past the need for violence and aggression. We’ve played with this type of experience long enough; it’s time to learn, grow, and move beyond it and step into something better. Is this ‘utopian’ existence possible? It’s not hard to imagine, and we do have the means and resources to provide the basic necessities for everybody on the planet — so why aren’t we doing that?

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John Lennon, a revolutionary with a great heart who touched the lives of millions of people with his music, and millions more with his acute understanding of society, was no doubt a legend. He was also one (of many) big catalysists for the global movement we are seeing today. It’s a movement which opposes big biotech corporations that are destroying human health and the environment. It is a cry out against inequality, animal cruelty, sexism, the manipulation of science, poor health, corruption, government secrecy, and various other issues that plague our planet today.

When he was killed in 1980, he left us with several messages that people are still sharing to this day. The world he lived in hasn’t changed much in the last 35 years and so his messages still feel relevant. We are still a planet that’s ravaged by war and other horrors that do not resonate with the majority of the population. The only difference today from 1980 is the fact that significantly more people are starting to question the world around them and to see through all of the lies and propaganda that continue to be dished out by mainstream media outlets. The sad thing about that is, even if these outlets did start reporting on events as they are, many people still wouldn’t believe them. That’s how much of a disconnect we’ve created when it comes to our most popular sources for truth. The question is, who do we turn to now?

‘Alternative’ media outlets seem to be the answer, as they are providing information and sources that are not really explored in the world of Television Programming. As a result of this mass ‘awakening,’ things are changing. Just a couple of years ago, if you suggested that Genetically Modified Foods were harmful to the environment and potentially harmful to human health, you would have been labelled a conspiracy theorist. Today, dozens upon dozens of countries have completely banned their usage, as well the pesticides that go with them.

Hopefully we will see the same trend occur with war, greed, corruption, and other atrocities that are still happening today. There is very little doubt that this is what the people of Earth desire. How did we ever get to the point where we let governments and corporations (and the big banks that control them) dictate how our lives should be? How did we become so confident that they know best how to treat the planet or in what direction the human race should take?

So, I ask you, to Imagine. I’ve spent a lot of time imagining what the human race could be, and what type of human experience we could create for ourselves.

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If only we would listen to real artists and what they have to say instead of to the manufactured and corporately sponsored artists on the radio today whose message, if they can be said to have one at all, brings little value to our lives.


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