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For most of us, Friday, November 20th was a day like any other. We likely either went to school or to work, later returning to the comfort of our home. For Hyong Yi, however, Friday was the 1 year anniversary of the toughest day of his life — the day he lost his wife of 15 years, Catherine Zanga, to ovarian cancer.

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Rather than mourning her loss in a conventional manner, Hyong, with the help of his two children, Alex and Anna, took to the streets to impact the people of Charlotte, North Carolina. What they didn’t expect was that, thanks to social media, their gesture would end up impacting the entire world.

Leading up to the day, Hyong wrote 100 distinct love notes that honour his wife, notes which he and his children handed out to passersby outside of St. Peter’s Catholic Church, where Catherine is buried. Those who were fortunate enough to receive a note were touched by the incredible gesture, with some shedding tears and others exchanging hugs of appreciation and love.

The loving gesture went global thanks to some friends who helped Hyong build a website, which rippled into a social media hashtag: #100lovenotes. The hashtag quickly started trending on Twitter as more and more people began sharing their love through their networks. Check it out:



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What I particularly love about this gesture is the lesson we can take away from it — a reminder to appreciate all of the family, friends, and loved ones that we currently have in our lives. Far too often we get so caught up in the busyness of day-to-day life that we forget to spend quality time with those who mean the most to us.

Let Hyong Li’s courage inspire you to share that love now, lest hardship strike before you get the chance. We never know what life might throw our way. And with so much of the world embroiled in conflict at this time, I think we could all use a little more love to help pull us through.

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