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It’s the thing that so many of us have become so disconnected from that we can barely discern it from the incessant rambling that always seems to be going through our mind. What I’m referring to is our intuition, which is defined as a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without proof or evidence. (source)

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It’s an ability that I personally believe we all have and should take seriously more often, and Manveer Komer, a gas station clerk in Philadelphia, is further proof to that effect. Last week, Manveer intuitively picked up on a situation that, on the surface, did not seem out of the ordinary, but in reality turned out to be an alleged kidnapping in progress.

Manveer acted on his intuition, putting himself between the victim and the alleged armed kidnapper, in a decision that ultimately may have helped save the victim’s life. See the full story in the following video:

What I particularly admired about Manveer’s willingness to follow his intuition is the great deal of courage it required, in addition to the level of trust in himself. Confronting an individual in any situation is challenging for most of us, but being able to do so with the added elements of uncertainty and danger is outright impressive.

Working on your intuitive ability may seem like a silly waste of time to some people, but if you are one of those individuals, I encourage you to reflect on your own life. Have you ever turned down an invitation to something that, for some reason, you felt disinclined to attend, only to later find out it wouldn’t have been worth your time? Have you ever brought something with you seemingly by mistake only to later realize it was exactly what you needed?

I’m fairly confident that most of us do not need to look too far back in our memory database to come up with an example that shows our intuitive ability — we just may not be willing to give it the credit it deserves.

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I truly believe that we all have an innate intuition that can guide us through the trials and tribulations of daily life, and I’ve made a point as of late to work on my connection to it. Have I been tested as scarily as Manveer? Thankfully not. But whether or not the universe ever requires me to do so, I still enjoy developing more trust in my gut, and encourage you to be open to doing the same.

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