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Saudi Arabia is considered to be a country home to multiple human rights violations; allied with the United States, they continue to face large amounts of criticism for refusing to take in any of the millions of Syrians currently fleeing their homeland in search of safety. They are under particular scrutiny because Saudi Arabia has approximately 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty on a giant plot of land, located approximately 2,150 miles from Syria in the city of Mina. These tents are only used a few days a year to house pilgrims commuting to Meca for hajj.

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Why is Saudi Arabia refusing to let Syrians make use of this land? Well, perhaps it’s because this entire global war on terrorism is a United States undertaking, carried out by a number of countries that are obeying orders from Washington, including Saudi Arabia. More people are starting to wake up to this possibility, and evidence showing that all of this activity is “based on fake premises,” and that “America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic State, when it fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance and America’s allies in the Persian Gulf.” One of those allies is Saudi Arabia.

The quote above comes from Dr. Michel Chossudovsky, a Canadian economist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa. He and many others expressed these concerns at the International Conference on the New World Order, which was organized and sponsored by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation (source) (source)

It seems likely that he knows more about this issue than a newscaster hired by corporate media, doesn’t it?

What’s also interesting to note is that, according to mintpressnews, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar were involved in a secret anti-Syria plot, as exposed by Wikileaks. This would make sense, as it’s no secret that the Western military alliance has destabilized and basically taken over and destroyed a number of countries — and these actions have not been taken in the name of defence, despite what they claim. As Russian President Vladimir Putin stated: 

It’s my deep belief that any actions to the contrary in order to destroy the legitimate government [of Syria] will create a situation which you can witness now in the other countries of the region or in other regions, for instance in Libya, where all the state institutions are disintegrated. We see a similar situation in Iraq. – Vladimir Putin (source)

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This plot was also brought to light by the United States when four star United States Army General, the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO, stated that the plans to over-throw Iraq, Syria, and other countries had been laid out for a long time. You can watch that interview HERE, as it was conducted many years ago.

Below you can find some related articles to this topic that we’ve covered recently, as well as some pictures of this area in Saudi Arabia that remains pretty much deserted all year round.

I am sure that if you went into Saudi Arabia, and even into Israel, you would find that a large portion of the population is wanting and willing to take these refugees in. As we’ve seen before, governments, then above them the corporations, and then above them the big banks, IMF, Trilaterals, Bilderbergers and more, do not really speak for the people that they govern. They try to influence with propaganda, but there remain many who see things as they are. So when you hear that Saudi Arabia is not accepting refugees, do not let that convince you that Saudi Arabians in general are unwilling or ungenerous.

Although, as the Washington Post reports, wealthy Gulf Arab nations like Saudi Arabia have taken in zero Syrian refugees. Saudi Arabia has, however, taken in half a million Syrians since 2011, but they are not classified as refugees.

Lebanon, on the other hand, has accepted more than 1.3 million refugees, more than a quarter of its own population.

Keep in mind, Saudi Arabia gave four million Burmese permission to live on their land and Saudi health centers provide psychological services to some 1,400 patients a week in Zaatarl camp. They are one of the largest international aid donors in the world and they do offer various programs for Syrians and Somalis, among other groups. King Salman also recently doubled humanitarian aid to Yemen, totalling more than $540 million

Regardless, we must wake up to the reason that this is happening in the first place, because that’s the only way we can come up with a solution.. How exactly are we going to do this, and dethrone those that sit atop the pyramid? I don’t know, but remaining in ignorance is definitely not the answer.

Our potential as a human race is truly limitless. We do not yet know what great things we are capable of…

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As mentioned above, this location is used to house the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, and as True-Activist mentions, “given that the Arabic concept of Ummah is supposed to offer protection to all Muslims under one brotherhood, surely an alternative location could be found so that Mina can be repurposed to house desperate families feeling war and ISIS persecution?”



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