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It is difficult to imagine a world without music. It brings us so much joy over the course of our lives and can really lift us up when we are down, providing a comforting soundtrack to every possible mood. So imagine the thrill of going your whole life without hearing music and then, one day, suddenly being introduced to it. Just think how incredible that would be. Now imagine being able to offer that experience to your cat!

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Cellist and musical engineer David Teie, who has worked with Metallica and the National Symphony Orchestra, has invented a new type of music that is specific to certain species. He has spent a lot of time learning how mammals develop their preference for different kinds of sounds, and, through his experiments, has found out that cats can develop a musical taste and will respond to music when they are exposed to sounds after they are born. With this understanding, Teie has decided to make the world a bit more exciting and pleasurable for cats and those who love them with the gift of music.

Even Famous Cats Enjoy The Music

Teie has tested his music with some of the internet’s most well known ‘Celebricats,’ such as: Siddy the Kitty, Cole and Marmelade, Nala and Bacon. Oh, how I would love to see if we could turn Grumpy Cat’s frown upside down with this music! While my two cats are not famous, I have tested this out on them and both Salem and Maeby thoroughly approve. The music simulates the sound of a heartbeat and purring, both sounds they would have heard while in the womb.

Check Out Cats Enjoying The Tunes Below


Where Can You Get These Kitty-Specific Tunes?

If you would like to download this music for your furbabies you can do so by visiting the Kickstarter campaign, Music For Cats. Despite having the modest goal of raising $20,000 worth of funds to record a full-length album, Teie’s project has already garnered over $240,000. For just $15 your cat can be in musical heaven. I think this is a really unique and fresh way to give some comfort to your kitty, especially when you are out or otherwise too busy to give them attention yourself. They provide us with so much love and comfort all the time, now we can repay that favor in a completely unconventional way. For the love of cats.

Much Love

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