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Energy healing coaching and other modalities can yield amazing results in all areas of your life, if you apply them correctly. Are you making these 7 common mistakes in your personal growth and energy healing practices?

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As the planet is (finally!) experiencing its spiritual awakening, more and more people are beginning to turn to spiritual healing modalities like coaching, Reiki, BodyTalk, Resonance Repatterning, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Chinese Medicine, and more. Often though, it doesn’t always seem like people are getting the results they expect – or stuff seems to get in the way of results. Why?

Energy healing is meant to create visible and noticeable change – in every area of your life, from how you feel emotionally, to how your belief systems work, to how people react and respond to you. There is absolutely no issue whatsoever, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, that cannot be addressed with most energy healing modalities.

Many times, the healing that takes place in your life through these healing practices can comfortably be classified as miraculous, and if you’re experiencing healing that is less-than miraculous, then chances are good you’re making one of the following mistakes.

1. Saying “I Don’t Believe It”

When you have a miraculous energy healing, it’s really easy to be shocked and fall into the stunned mode of “I don’t believe it.” But, if your head creates your world, then your head creates your world in every instance.

The problem with saying “I don’t believe it” is that energy healing works on the level of your belief systems, and the very element we’ve changed in order to effect the healing work is a belief system. When you repeatedly iterate that you don’t believe that this healing happened, then what you’re doing is directly unraveling the work that has been done.

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2. Continuously Thinking & Talking About It

As humans we’re built to complain it seems, and it’s really easy for us to cotton onto an idea or thought or thread and keep analyzing and dissecting it, breaking it further and further down.

After clearing and healing work has been done, there is usually an immediate 24 to 72 hour integration period, during which the old energy moves out of the system.

Like saying “I don’t believe it” will unravel belief system work, continuously thinking about the item you’re worried about or scared of will reinforce those neural pathways and trap the energy system again before it has a chance to be properly released.

3. Waiting Until You Feel Better & The Drama Has Passed

Maybe it will happen on your first session, maybe it will happen on your third or fourth, but there will come a day when you wake up to go to a session and you feel deathly sick. Or a whole bunch of stuff and drama will happen in your life.

When it comes to sessions and healing, you’ll quickly discover that your body really does know exactly what to do and what it needs. In cases where you get sick before the session even starts, it’s often your body starting to shift before you even arrive at the session.

Likewise, because energy healing can be applied to any aspect of life, sometimes shifting is going to manifest as drama in your life, because the energy has to be released through somewhere.

The last piece of information you’re missing here is about how shifts themselves work: when the drama or illness is around and the energy of that resonance is at its peak, then it is the easiest to shift.

The days that the drama is happening and you feel deathly sick are the days you definitely SHOULD get to a session. You’ll not only blast through issues on the energetic level much more quickly, you are also more likely to experience miraculous turnarounds and breakthroughs that send you soaring on emotional highs.

4. Not Allowing Enough Time For Integration

Once you’ve gone for healing on a regular basis for a while, you will see immediate results in a lot of situations.

In the beginning, though, you’re looking at an average three week integration period for the shift to go through completely. For most people, this means that the point where they see changes is usually so far away from the actual session that they don’t always correlate the two as being related.

What helps with this is to do a daily log of how you’re feeling and note when you had sessions so that you can start connecting the dots.

5. Only Applying Healing To Physical Illness

Energy healing really can be applied to any area of your life, from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. Most people only use it for physical illness though.

Many people first make the association between physical illness and experience and emotions and belief systems when they come across Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life.

Once you get comfortable with energy healing and start experimenting a little bit, you can climb in and tackle issues directly on the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels, without the need to have a physical manifestation such as a crisis or illness.

6. Skipping The Plumbing & Maintenance

Like every system in your body, your energy system requires regular plumbing and maintenance, or everything will get clogged and blocked.

If you only go in for sessions when you’re in crisis of some sort, your body is going to deal with the plumbing it needs first, because then it is in a better position to heal you over the long term.

Regular sessions will keep your chakras, meridians, energy lines, and various systems in harmony so that you cope better overall and can deal with the issue at hand when you do have a crisis.

7. Not Going Back When You Feel Better

The other problem with only dealing with crises is that each session is then only focused on helping you and your system deal with the immediate situation at hand – which is often a purely physiological response.

In order to dig down deeper into your issues and get to the layers where you can make real, effective, and lasting change, you need to deal with the issues when you are not in crisis, so that your system can handle more.

Attending regular sessions when you are in a good space enables you to get ahead of the curve and start reaping the energetic benefits of living a smoother and more trouble free life, which is what we’re looking for with healing modalities in the first place.


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