For many of us, travelling means more than simply sightseeing and visiting famous monuments. We are looking for experiences that will transform us. We want to find the real gems we don’t hear about — the projects, communities, and people that are inspiring personal and global transformation.

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In 2013, four passionate nomads bound together to create a platform that would be a transparent and trusted resource for travellers all over the world to find more enriching ways to travel, work, live, and learn. This platform is called NuMundo.

NuMundo is an online database of impact centers all searchable via a world map, allowing users to locate conscious projects, communities, and initiatives no matter where they are.

An impact center could be…

  • An ecovillage
  • An organic farm
  • A yoga retreat center
  • A hostel…

As long as they meet the criteria below.

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If you ever feel like you may be missing out on wonderful conscious initiatives, projects, communities, or centres in your area or while you travel, this awesome tool should ease your mind. NuMundo can guide you towards a journey of transformational experiences with ease and convenience!


NuMundo already has a basic version of their website up and running. They need our help to add the necessary features that will bring the platform to the next level!

If you believe in this project and their dream of a more interconnected world, check out and support NuMundo’s crowdfunding campaign! You can also explore their platform here.

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