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Have you ever asked, “What is my path”? That “spiritual path” people talk about..

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How does one get on that path? When and where does it start? What does one do on the path?

When questions start filling your head, that is the initial sign of the path starting. Questions regarding who you truly are, the meaning behind life, your individual purpose, and the possibility of an afterlife arise. Thoughts appear one by one and all demand immediate attention. If you ignore them, they keep popping up at odd times, until you find the answers.

The path of spirituality is not always clear. Along the way someone on your path may spark interest or a new class you enrolled in may excite a different way of thinking, leading to more questioning. The path is made up of not one, but many faces, always connecting you with the right people and opportunities. It takes commitment and courage to pursue what you feel, deep down, is the right thing to do. As one of my teachers used to say, “This is not for just anyone.” Being on the journey is one thing, actually allowing yourself to see every aspect involved takes devotion and true interest.

You may seek answers from teachers, books, CDs, or spiritual centers. This gathered information becomes the meaning of your path, for the time being. Following this, you put into practice what has been learned thus far. Spiritual practices, quotes, and self-conduct bring peace, joy, and a positive shift. You begin preaching your feelings and experiences to those around you, despite them potentially not understanding your message. Soon you come to a realization that this place you have created is very intimate, a place of your very own. In this space, there is no need to bring others along. Your circle of friends and family becomes a bit boring, for, at this point, you are solely interested in exploring more about your topic at hand. So, you search for likeminded circles to feed the soul.

As you get to know yourself better by peeling away layers, you might encounter some parts you don’t particularly like, driving a desire for self-improvement. You hope to do this by creating a disciplined routine and working on your mind, to stay aligned with the path. This is the process of evolving and nearing the “true you.”

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Due to your practices, the mind reveals itself more clear and focused. Goals become extremely vivid and the possibility of achieving them grows rapidly. Stepping stones are easier to reach and every action correlates with the Universe. You become the observer of events in your own life, allowing them to happen as they should. Thoughts become more positive and hope is constantly present. This bright light draws you to continue moving forward, letting go of fear.

A newfound confidence tackles any question that comes up because you are able to tap into inner wisdom and intuition. The original sources of knowledge become supplements to what you already know. They ground you and confirm your foundation.

Solitude and silence become your best friends, bringing comfort and peace when they are around. The habit of meditation and living in gratitude gives way to an unrelenting connection.

Purification of the mind pushes on, as your path becomes your lifestyle. With this, life gets simpler and more joyful and challenges become more transparent, revealing the lessons and beauty intertwined. Your soul feels complete, as you experience life fully with a fresh awareness. Your perspective alters as you come to understand that the path you were curious about has been there all along.

That path is called life.

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