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Muscle testing, or applied kinesiology, is an emerging practice that can reveal hidden secrets in the subconscious energetic body. The energetic system of the body has been largely ignored by mainstream medicine but has its roots in ancient cultures thousands of years old. In fact, this is the system that is being worked on in not only muscle testing, but acupuncture, pressure points, massage, tapping, and some homeopathic pain patches. Muscle testing includes but is not limited to a few different hybrid techniques like: Neuro Emotional Technique or NET, Autonomic Response Testing, and Applied Psycho Neurobiology.

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Why Don’t Most People Believe in An Energetic Body?

There has not been much scientific research performed at all on the energetic body due to pharmaceutical backed studies. However, there is a wealth of personal accounts of vast improvement with muscle testing. Kinesiology and muscle testing blossomed under the care of most chiropractors. Again, most medical doctors have a misguided view of chiropractors which is too bad, considering the American Medical Association was found guilty of conspiracy against chiropractors in the 1980s.

How Does Muscle Testing Work?

I think we can all agree that the body has an intelligence that is beyond our control. We have no conscious knowledge of our blood pumping through our veins, most of digestion, or even when our immune cells are traveling through our body to ward off an invader. This system is known as the autonomic or parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, controlling heart rate, breathing, digestion, fight or flight, and sexual arousal.

So how does muscle testing work? I was personally trained in NET (see above) and it works by tapping into our primitive reptilian brain or autonomic nervous system, that often runs on reactivity and instinct. The body often carries unresolved stressors in organs and muscles, or as allergies that are hidden from our conscious mind. We also form untrue beliefs based on conditioned thought patterns and perceived traumas. Muscle testing is a mind body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. It can improve many behavioral and physical conditions that your body remembers, but you consciously do not. By testing the muscle strength of the subconscious, reptilian brain, one can tap into the body’s hidden secrets. The blockage is then cleared with tapping on or stimulating the meridian and acupuncture points, then reinforced with mindful breathing and holding a “snapshot” of the perceived trauma. There is a profound normalization of any energetic imbalances once the hidden is brought to the forefront of the conscious mind. These blockages can range from neuroemotional due to beliefs, an allergy or toxin, or a nutritional deficiency.

Personal Experience with NET Muscle Testing

During my training and certification, I was used as an example on stage due to a left hip that had been rotated most of my life. Yoga had been helping but my hips were still relatively closed. The instructor zoned in on my left hip and muscle tested me with conceptual, non-leading questions. The body reacts with weakness or strength in the arm being pressed depending on the validity of the question. It occurs before the conscious mind has time to process the question. She asked if the hip had to do with a male friend. My arm fell weak which means, “yes.” The first friend I thought of was my younger brother. She then began to ask when the initial insult had occured. My body took us all the way back to when I was in the womb at 4 months. What we discovered was astonishing and turned out to be an impeccable example for the class to witness. After ruling out toxin exposure or mother’s depression, my muscle testing responded yes when asked about a vanishing twin. She found I was holding shame in my left hip due to the loss of a twin while my mother was pregnant with me (or the perception of a piece of me that was missing). Hence, my initial thought drifting towards a “brother.”  I immediately cried, though it was confusing to me as to why I was so upset. It took me a few days to integrate and understand what had happened and I often cried when recalling the shock of the reveal.

But it had been true for me. My whole life I had been searching for my other half and this had caused a huge blockage in self love for me. Removing this blockage helped me gain perspective and forgive myself. I have made vast strides in the short time that NET removed my blockage.

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Since this time, I have seen patients whose long standing phobias have been removed with NET. I have witnessed patients with rashes or chronic pain that have improved after a few sessions with muscle testing and integration.

The Future of Muscle Testing

There is new research on the near forefront that shows improvement in mental and physical health when these blockages, whether due to emotional, neuro, allergic, or nutritional issues, are removed. Food allergies have and can be removed. Deeper wounds will require more than one session. The body has the potential to heal itself if given the proper attention and techniques. Muscle testing is a promising, up-and-coming field that promises some exciting and controversial results!


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