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Jordan Osmond is a 21-year-old novice filmmaker with serious ambition to demonstrate to the world what alternative living looks like. Currently finishing up his first feature length documentary, A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity, Osmond has already begun preparation for his next big project and adventure — a documentary series titled Living The Change.

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Currently, Osmond’s plan for this project is to head to New Zealand in early 2016 with his partner and sound recordist, Antoinette, and make a series of short films that will showcase the various ways in which people are transitioning to a more sustainable way of living. The series will feature films about permaculture, tiny houses, and backyard gardens; they will also focus on people who are living a simple life more generally and have knowledge to share about sustainable housing, food, health, business, money/bartering, and community as a whole.

Who And What Will They Be Meeting On Their Journey?

So far Osmond has confirmed an ever-growing list of 10 different spots in New Zealand they will be visiting, including:

  • Wairarapa Eco Farm – The first and largest community supported agriculture farm in New Zealand.
  • Te Manaia Organics – Large-scale vegetable growers.
  • The Vinbrux Family – Practicing self-sufficiency on their 34-acre property in Oamaru.

Want To Help Out A Great Cause?

Osmand is asking for your help in making his next endeavour a reality. He has started a crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo and is only asking for an extremely modest $8,000. The money raised will go towards buying a van and subsidizing his insurance, fuel, and food costs. He also plans to buy second hand materials to put towards converting the van so that it runs on bio-fuel made from used vegetable oil. This really is a minuscule amount when you consider how much money this project could cost. Osmand and his partner already have a lot of experience stretching their dollars — having spent the last year living with a very minimal income, they have learned many tricks along the way; they live and eat very simply and feel quite capable of making this trip extremely low budget. They also plan on camping and preparing all their own food on the way!

Campaign Video

Your contributions can help get this amazing project off the ground and get the important message of sustainability onto computer screens around the world!

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