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We all know the power in a captivating voice. Think of the voice of Morgan Freeman alone, who in addition to becoming the sound behind countless VISA commercials, has also perfectly narrated powerful films such as Cosmic Voyage and March of the Penguins.

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The group at Conservation International has decided to bank on this celebrity familiarity in an attempt to do something beneficial for the planet. With the help of widely recognizable celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson, Marion Cotillard, Harrison Ford, and Kevin Spacey, they have released a series of powerful short videos.

In each video, one celebrity figure voices a key aspect of the global environment (ex. the ocean, the rainforest, the soil), delivering an impactful wake-up call on their current state of being. While all of them are certainly worth checking out and are readily available on the Conservation International YouTube Channel, I’d like to share one here entitled Mother Nature, featuring the voice of Julia Roberts. Check it out:

Nature Doesn’t Need People

We often forget that humankind has existed on the planet for such a small fragment of the Earth’s total life and act like we are the centre of it all. As the video reminds us, we may need nature but nature does not need us, meaning it is our responsibility to turn this ship around if we hope to continue to exist on it.

Mother Earth will continue to adapt no matter what we throw at her; the unknown element is whether or not that next level of change will be able to continue to support human life.

There are countless ways that we can all do our part in helping to correct so much of the damage we have inflicted upon the planet, the first of which is realizing that our individual efforts do make a difference. The residents of Kamikatsu, Japan are a great example of this in action; their implementation of a complex recycling system has put them on pace to becoming completely zero waste by 2020. (FIND OUT HOW)

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Your positive efforts can even begin now by checking out a number of helpful tips on how you can be sustainable and eco-friendly throughout the holiday season.

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