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Can’t seem to get away from wires and needing to constantly plug in your smartphone? (I’m looking at you, iPhone lovers.) Well, maybe, just maybe, its time to get away from plugging in altogether. Meet the Delta V, the very first energy-independent smartphone concept that is based on renewable energy sources such as solar energy, piezoelectricity, and triboelectricity. These technologies work via a film that is placed underneath each section, and are able to convert even the slightest vibrations and movements into enough power for the phone to function — no outlets required.

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This energy-independent smartphone project was developed by Niki D. Chania, a mechanical engineer and industrial designer, of Neda Design, during her studies at AKTO Art and Design School in Athens, Greece. This will be the first hybrid-energy independent mobile phone to utilize the 3 different ways of charging directly in the cellphone’s housing.


The body of the phone is fairly distinct from other smartphones; since it requires no charger, which typically takes up a lot of space, it can be made much smaller. The packaging resembles a small book with a case for the phone inside.


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‘Free’ Energy

One of the most amazing things about this phone is that it is a great example of ‘free’ energy, or net-zero energy; it produces enough energy that it can run itself without needing to rely on other sources for backup. We really do have cleaner technologies available to us right now, and it’s about time we started using them on a mass scale. There are a lot of people who believe that in order to truly advance as a society we need to give up some of our modern day luxuries (and regress somewhat in the process), but it seems that isn’t really the case anymore. If we are able to use technology that is self-sustainable and will better our lives, why wouldn’t we?

For now, this remarkable new smartphone technology remains conceptual rather than in development, but there are some other options out there that you can utilize now to keep your smartphone powered up while out and about, such as solar powered charger cases.

To learn more about free energy sources please click here.

To learn more about the Delta V, click here.

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