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We are having a Full Moon in Leo this weekend, which will occur on January 24th at 1:46am Universal Time (January 23rd in the Americas). Full Moons are a time when we can feel a push and pull by the energy of two opposing signs. In this case it is the polarity of Leo and Aquarius.

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The themes build up in the 2 weeks leading up to it and then resolve themselves in the 2 weeks following by facilitating changes and/or some sort of release. The actual days of the Full Moon are generally the most lively, revelatory, and emotionally charged periods of this process.

The Moon is associated with our emotional needs, and in Leo these needs will be centred around our creative self-expression, our love life, our passions, or having the spotlight. Leo is about being a ‘shining star’ by putting our heart into our passions, whether it is in our careers or related to our hobbies, our relationships to the children in our lives, our creativity, or even in sports/athletics and other areas of our lives.

lThe Sun rules our ego needs, and in Aquarius they will be oriented around our associations, our ideals, the collective, or our need to participate in anything that is facilitating positive change in the world. Science, technology, and the internet are also associated with this sign.

Full Moons are a call for some need of integration between the opposing signs involved. The actual fulfillment of this integration partially depends on how evolved we are.

The need for this is especially true when the Full Moon occurs in Leo, because it is ruled by the Sun, which is always in the opposite sign when this occurs each year. This can play out in different ways. For example, this could be related to how we creatively express ourselves on the internet, or it could have to do with different members of a group shining in their own authentic way to potentiate the group as a whole. It could also be shining in a way that facilitates positive change and is aligned with either your own hopes and ideals, or those of the group or the collective.

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Mercury is Finishing Retrograde While Conjunct Pluto and Square Uranus, Full Moon is Square Mars in Scorpio

Since January 5th, Mercury has been retrograding in Capricorn, which generally signifies a time when we are in a process of reorienting ourselves around our ambitions, careers, structures, and the ways we manage our lives and the resources available to us. New developments, in the form of opportunities and/or challenging circumstances, have been the main driver pushing us towards the need to make the necessary changes. This could be to advance our ambitions, and/or adjust to changing conditions, and/or to be in alignment with our heart’s desire and authentic expression, which is suggested by the Leo-Aquarius polarity of this Full Moon.

mI have written an article about this Mercury retrograde which you can read here. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend doing so. It would be interesting for you to correlate it with your life and also look at the timeline at the bottom. Keep in mind that how this all manifests in your life depends on your natal chart, which is determined by the specific date, time, and location of your birth.

In the days leading to the Full Moon and in the week following, Mercury will be conjunct Pluto and square Uranus in both retrograde and direct motion. Also, the Full Moon itself is making a wide square to Mars in Scorpio. All of this energy combined can play out in different ways.

At worst, the aspects involving Pluto and Mars can bring out themes of intensity, conflict, drama, control, manipulation, and possessiveness. There could be issues around shared resources/investments, or how we share resources in general, and in some cases there could be challenges around sexuality and sexual urges. Uranus involved here can trigger sudden changes, separations, accidents, rebellion, or the need for individual freedom or independence.

At best, this can be a very transformative time with or without any of the potential challenges mentioned above to go along with it. The Pluto and Scorpio dynamics can facilitate the early stages of a profound rebirth in our ambitions and structures, while Uranus can bring tremendous insights and innovation to assist in this process.

When synthesizing the energy of the Full Moon in Leo with Mercury’s square to Uranus in Aries, we may be seeking freedom and independence in how we express ourselves creatively and authentically in our work. Or we may want to make significant changes or liberate ourselves from confining or controlling circumstances in either our careers or structures so that we can align ourselves with what we enjoy and care about, and where our creative potential can shine best.

Jupiter Conjunct North Node In Virgo 

Although this aspect of Jupiter conjunct the North Node isn’t directly tied into this New Moon, it is an important backdrop to everything currently unfolding, especially because it is tied in to Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn by a trine aspect. Both Jupiter and the North Node are related to the future and our destiny. Jupiter is visionary and expansive while the North Node is associated with the fulfillment of our evolutionary intent and karmic purpose.

With this aspect occurring in the Earth sign of Virgo, these themes are related to our duties, lifestyles, and routines, as well as service to others, the way we organize our lives, the systems we put in place, the skills we acquire, and our potential to cultivate excellence and purity.

Things To Consider For This Full Moon

What are you passionate about and where do you shine? What are the things that you should be doing to help you fulfill your personal goals and visions? What changes do you need to make in your career, in your structures, and in your ability to manage your life to help fulfill the ambitions of your heart’s desire? How does your slice of authenticity and creative expression fit into the group, and/or best serve the collective, or even idealistic interests?

2016-forecast-ce-ad-250These are the types of things that many of us should be reflecting on at this time. If you wish to make an intention to help you in making an important ‘release’ in your life, it is best to do it within the first 24 hours after the Full Moon. (Click here for your time zone).  The best time to take any related action will be anytime throughout the following 2 weeks. However, there will be a stronger sense of clarity sometime after Mercury finishes its retrograde on January 25th/26th.

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