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He is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. He has made us all laugh as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, made us all cry in Seven Pounds, and made us all appreciate life just a little bit more in The Pursuit of Happyness.

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Will Smith is, in my opinion, a remarkable actor who seems to naturally understand how to deliver captivating performances no matter what the role or story calls for. But what many of you may not know is that Will Smith is also quite the inspiration when not on the silver screen.

Over the course of his career, Will has offered some pretty profound words of wisdom during a number of his public appearances. Whether he was promoting an upcoming film, speaking about his upbringing, or partaking in an in-depth personal interview, he has always managed to give us something to think about.

Here is a powerful and infamous compilation of Will Smith interviews that will be sure to give you the boost you need to conquer anything you set your mind to:

It Begins With Loving Life

We’re alive in an operational human body, living on a planet filled with opportunity, yet so many of us hate this experience. How could it be that some of us choose to despise this existence, while Will Smith, a human being just like us, is able to love it whole-heartedly?

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I know that many will quickly attribute his ease to his drastically higher socioeconomic status, but it certainly seems as if Will carried this mindset well before he achieved the success he now enjoys. It also seems like that difference in mentality may have just been the key ingredient in getting himself to where he is now.

No matter how much hardship you are currently faced with, you always have a choice. Do you choose to love life for the triumphs and hardships that it offers? Or do you choose to be a victim to it, never taking control of and appreciating the gift we are all living?

Powerful Takeaways

There are a number of powerful takeaways from this compilation, but here are some of the ones that really stood out for me:

  • Greatness is not a “god-like” feature, it is in all of us.
  • We have a tendency to make situations a lot more difficult than they need to be (this is fuelled by the mindset that “it can’t be that easy”).
  • Talent is naturally inherited, but skill takes hours and hours of work and commitment to harness.
  • Whether you are born extremely talented or not, an incredible work ethic can get you beyond the talent level that anyone else is naturally born with.
  • When setting goals, focus on the process rather than the end goal. Focus on laying each brick perfectly, rather than building an entire wall.
  • We all have a responsibility to make this world a better place.
  • Success requires a delusional quality. You need to be delusional to the point that you can see something that no one else sees happening.
  • Stop identifying with the term realistic. It puts up a barrier. Instead remind yourself that all great inventions were once seen as unrealistic and now exist.
  • Make a choice and the universe will get out of your way.


Even though this compilation has circulated the internet quite extensively by this point, I was happy to come across it and to be able to share it with you. If you’re like me, you may want to bookmark the video and come back to it whenever you find yourself unnecessarily down on this wonderful gift we call life.

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