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When I was first compelled to make this video, I was inspired by a quote which naturally ended up being the title for the film: “WE ALL SMILE IN THE SAME LANGUAGE.” I saw intimate, up-close headshots of a span of colourful faces displaying the beauty and diversity of our species. The mission was simple: to epitomize the message to the viewer that despite our differences, we all are fundamentally the same and we should unite in this fact and embrace it. I elaborated and deepened the importance of that belief by writing and recording a poem, riffing on humanity’s potential (as well as the possible consequences of not uniting as a universal species and moving forward, together).

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As I’m sure you are well aware, humanity is at an interesting and critical point in our history. We have never had to face such looming crises spanning across all areas of human life before with such dire consequences should we choose to ignore them. There’s a reason why Barbara Marx Hubbard referred to us as “generation one,” because we are “the first on Earth to face evolution or extinction as a species together.”

My hope with the creation of this video is to get the viewer to consciously realize this reality, not to dampen one’s spirit with the realization that doom and gloom lie on the horizon, but to spark the fire in one’s heart to consciously make the decision to say, “Yes. I want all of us to prosper and I will do my best to play my part. I will not give up on us.” It’s about embracing what collective evolution is all about within the very essence of our beings. And the foundation of that? Love.

If we can learn to love, truly, deeply, totally, unconditionally, we can transform the planet. It’s about acknowledging the fact that “we all need love, we all need to eat, we all need a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep, we all bleed red, we all breathe air, we all live on earth, the only planet we share.”

We only need to look at what’s going on in the world to know that much work still needs to be done. There is war, poverty, environmental degradation, systemic oppression, corrupt banking and corporate systems, hunger, illness, bigotry based on superficial character traits (sexuality, race, religion, class, etc.), violence within our communities; there exist so many open wounds we must heal. In order for us to move forward, it is very necessary for us to tend to those wounds. And how do we tend to those wounds? How do we bring healing and rejuvenation to ourselves, to our communities, and to the world at large? We do it with love.

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This article is an extension of the video, meant to be a call to action. The world needs you to love; first yourself, and then slowly working outwards. Love is a powerful force. It is what will give us strength to push us through and outwards of the dark times we are currently facing. Love is the power that will heal. I know this to be true because I’ve seen it within myself and my own life. I know this to be true because this very organization, Collective Evolution, was born from a place of love. And look at how much of a positive, influential force it has been in the emergence of a more beautiful and conscious world! When we love, we heal. When we heal, we transform. And when we transform, we not only do so ourselves, but we also transform the world around us.

The majority of the world, unfortunately, is so caught up and swept away with the negativity of the world; they focus on it, and in doing so, give it life and energy. We must—if we want to change the world—not ignore, but to simply shift our focus from the bad, to the good. Buckminster Fuller once said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” This we must do. We must turn away from the darkness, and look towards the light; we must seek for solutions.

All you have to do to play your part is, as Gandhi put it simply, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That’s all you have to do. We as individuals compose the entirety of the world. If we all decide to strive towards the Greater Good, grand things can happen. What kind of change do you want to see? Have the courage to live that change.

Despite our differences in skin colour, religions, economic class, language, geography, gender, sexuality, beliefs, we are all human first, remember that. It is our differences that bring a richness to our species. It is our richness that is the foundation of our strength. If we can celebrate our differences and realize that we have more in common, rather than fighting over those differences, we may have the hope of moving from generation one, to generation two, ever onwards towards greater infinities.

I hope with all my might that this is so. I know we can do it, I have faith—we all smile in the same language.

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