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I remember the feeling of frustration I had the first time I tried to delete my profile from Facebook. I was absolutely blown away that deactivation was my only option; I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. How could Facebook justify something which so clearly goes against our right to privacy and to choice? I eventually had to let it go, because there was really nothing I could do about it, but that definitely was not the last I asked myself, “Why, Facebook?”

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Max Sidorov asked himself the same question some time ago, but the difference is he actually did something about it. He started developing Miramir, a revolutionary social media platform “of the people, by the people and for the people.” It is currently in its beta launch. It has the look and feel of everything we like about Facebook but does a much better job at keeping our information private. Miramir strives to integrate the current leading social media platforms into a unified, secure, and completely private system.

The name certainly would seem to reflect this intent. “Miramir is mir-a-mir. ‘Mir’ in Russian is universe/world/peace all in the same word, and it just sounds very harmonious together,” says Max. He was inspired to create this platform because he wanted to develop a social networking experience that allows users to interact, create, develop, and share information without the threat of privacy invasion and government intrusion.

Miramir users’ information is never sold, shared, or otherwise given away to third parties, and you can fully delete your profile anytime you want. For any content aggregation pages, Facebook algorithms can be a nightmare, and it is no secret that FB censors and favours certain content over others. There is none of that on Miramir, however, as it seeks to spread news articles and other information via its network.

“This is an invitation to all amazers and creators, mavericks and dreamers, the kindness doers and change-makers, all the good people of our magnificent earth to take part in a global movement for change and freedom,” explains the Kickstarter page. Another cool feature is that it will have full cryptocurrency integration by using bitcoin. Messages on Miramir can also ‘self-destruct,’ meaning they can be removed permanently, and users can post and share articles and information anonymously if they choose.

Miramir’s developers need your help. If this type of revolutionary social media platform gets you excited, check out their Kickstarter campaign and contribute to Miramir’s success.

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