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The past few months have seen a major surge in the popularity of rope exercises. This form of workout has received lots of approval from many people who want to either lose weight or simply stay fit. As a result, it is one of the hottest new exercise trends in the world today. You have probably heard about how great rope workouts can be, but you may still not know what makes them so amazing. But before we explain why you might want to include rope work into your fitness regime, let us first explain what, exactly, it entails.

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Rope Exercises

This is an umbrella term that is used to refer to a myriad of routines that involve the use of a rope during a workout. They will range from rope jumping, grappler throw, single arm throws, and weighted jacks, among other routines. Normally, these routines involve holding heavy ropes in your hands and trying to slam them as hard as possible on the ground. You can add some fun to these workout plans by involving a partner. Now that you know what this is about, let us find out what makes it an ideal workout option:

1. It Works All Muscles

During rope exercises, you will need to change your positions frequently. They will vary from standing to squatting to lying down; in addition, you will be making rapid movements that will involve all your muscles, and proper form requires you to keep your core engaged at all times. Now, a good exercise routine should be able to work on all your muscles at once, saving you precious time and helping you to avoid the injuries that can come with neglecting the less ‘exciting’ muscle groups. Rope exercises are a must try if you are looking for a workout plan that will help you tone all your muscles at once.

2. It’s A Fast Fat Burner

Let’s be honest: one of the major motivations towards exercise is fat burning. Of course we’d all like to be fitter, stronger, and healthier, and we exercise in order to achieve those goals, but for many of us, we also exercise to achieve the shape we desire. The high impact nature of rope exercises will increase your rate of metabolism by a huge margin, increasing the rate of fat burning in the process. Research has also shown that these exercises can foster fat burning long after you are done at the gym. It is this effectiveness that has propelled rope exercises to sit among the top fitness trends.

3. Allows Team Work

When it comes to exercise, most people need a competitor or partner in order to keep going and stay motivated, and rope exercises will provide just that. This is because some routines involve you holding one side of the rope and your partner the other. Now, wouldn’t it be just sad if you stopped halfway and in the process stopped your partner’s exercise too? In essence, these pair activities will keep you on your toes, motivating you to work harder than you would on your own.

4. It Is Fast

Irrespective of the kind of occupation you are in, you may not have ten hours a week to dedicate solely towards exercise. This means that you will need an exercise routine that will not take up half of your day but will still give you the results you desire, and rope exercises may just fit the bill. You only need thirty minutes a day to achieve intense fat burning and muscle toning.

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5. They Can Be Done Anywhere

Each year, people (read you) resolve to exercise more and live a healthy lifestyle. However, most of them give up even before the year has lost its novelty. This is usually as a result of being inadequately motivated, living too far from the gym, or not making time in their schedules for this new habit. You can, however, reverse the situation with rope exercises, as they will not confine you to just the gym room or a single routine. You can skip at home in your backyard or rope battle with your friends on the beach or even inside the house. In essence, these exercises will nullify any reasons that you may have for not exercising.

6. They Are Fit For Everyone

Fitness is not a reserve for one age group. It is one aspect of life that is important for people of all ages in order to be healthy and happy. However, it sometimes becomes inaccessible for people who are either aging or have injuries, because they are unable to participate in certain activities, such as running, which can be very hard on the knees. But rope exercises are different; you can really tailor them to fit your pace and mobility level. This way, you will be able to remain fit irrespective of your health condition or age.


In the world today, we are undoubtedly obsessed with fitness and weight loss. This has led to intense searching for strategies that will help people achieve the results they desire without sacrificing quality of life, and it is in this category that rope exercises fall. The good thing about this form of exercise is that it is easy to carry out, suitable for all people, burns fat easily, and tones many muscle groups, among other benefits. This is why it has become the most sought after fitness trend around the world today. Will you be left behind? Try it out!


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