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We are having a Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces which will occur on March 8th in the Americas and March 9th everywhere else. It will be visible in its totality in parts of Indonesia, and partially visible in Hawaii, Alaska, most of Australia, and throughout Southern/Eastern Asia. The peak of the Solar Eclipse will occur at 1:54am Universal Time (Click here for your time zone).

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Solar Eclipses are very potent New Moons that generally happen every 6 months. Astrologically this is recognized as a time of powerful changes and new beginnings in specific area(s) of our lives. These changes build up in the 6 weeks before and play out during the following 6 month period leading up to the next one.

Everyone will have their own unique experience of this time, and for some people it will be stronger than others. However this plays out for each of us largely depends on how it interacts with each of our natal astrology charts (based on exact birth time).

Anyone born from March 5th-11th, June 5th – 11th, Sept 7th-13th, and Dec 6th-12th will notice its effects quite strongly and may find that they are experiencing a lot of growth and potentially being pushed into major changes. For many of us, we are experiencing the ‘next step’ to the changes/beginnings that started in August/September 2015, when the last Solar Eclipse in Virgo occurred.

Solar Eclipse In Pisces Conjunct South Node And Chiron

This is the 3rd of 5 Solar Eclipses occurring in the polarity of Virgo and Pisces, which started in March 2015. This is a 2.5 year period in which we are creating powerful changes, with an emphasis on moving towards the Virgo side of the polarity, as this is where the North Node is during this period.

Whenever an eclipse occurs, it is close to either the North Node or South Node of the Moon. The Nodes are the exact points where the orbit of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun (the ecliptic) from a geocentric perspective. The closer the eclipse occurs to the exact node, the more ‘Total’ and powerful the eclipse will be.

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This total Solar Eclipse will be occurring really close to the South Node, which is associated with our past — both our strengths and weaknesses that we have developed there. It is also aligned with Chiron, a heavenly body representing our old wounds, traumas, anxieties, and blockages resulting in life challenges, negative patterns, and some sort of inadequacy.

Pisces is associated with the part of us that wants to escape the mundane world. It is the spiritual and psychic energy, separate from the physical realm. It is the spiritual interconnection between everybody, the unconscious, the oneness of the collective emotional-spiritual body. Meditation, dreams, tranquility, imagination, creativity, and spiritual healing are all positive expressions of Piscean energy. Potential negative expressions include escapism, deception, pisces-embossed-spaceand delusion.

Due to this eclipse being so close to both the South Node and Chiron at the same time, it offers the most potential for healing and transforming past wounds. Emotional trauma that we hold on to throughout our lives can manifest into negative behavioural patterns that block our true and spiritual selves from being embodied more fully. This eclipse can shake things up in our lives to help us gain awareness of how our past wounds are shaping our reality, and we can move towards healing them.  This is an opportunity for a new beginning regarding our past, through transforming our limitations into previously inhibited gifts that serve our purpose.

Solar Eclipse In A T-Square With Saturn And Jupiter Conjunct The North Node

The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, and it will be exactly opposite this Eclipse aligned with the North Node of the Moon. It has been in Virgo since mid-August 2015. For many people it has created expansive circumstances of being overwhelmed with work, duties, responsibilities, trying to get healthy, serving others, developing skills, and needing to be particularly clean, organized, and attentive to details in our lives.

During this eclipse, the ‘Jupiter in Virgo’ energy is a big theme, but the focus is on transforming the wounds that block us from fulfilling these themes. A expansion in this area of our lives is making us look at some of the deeper subconscious patterns and behaviours that are limiting our effectiveness.

Saturn in Sagittarius is in a square aspect to both Jupiter and the Eclipse. This can bring on challenges through some sort of limitation and restriction that pushes us to grow and evolve. Sagittarius is an expansive sign like its ruler Jupiter, but Saturn here in this overall aspect won’t allow any expansion to proceed unless it is real, solid, and perhaps focused as well.  This could also be about redefining our perspectives and acquiring life lessons, teaching us to be more realistic.

Making Intentions And Taking Action

This next six months are a great time to work towards releasing old beliefs, wounds, anxieties, and traumas that are creating limitations in our lives. Gaining a new perspective on why we behave in certain ways can be valuable at this time. Spending more time in meditation, self-reflection, finding that inner peace, clarity, and centeredness can help us tremendously in being more productive and healthy.

If you wish to make intentions, the best time to do so is within the first 24 hours after the exact Solar Eclipse/New Moon. Click here to find out the exact time for your time zone.

There are different specific modalities out there that are very effective at helping us in releasing these wounds working through us.  Trauma Release Exercises are a great way to help release inner emotional tension through physical movement, which can be a great approach considering that the ruler of this eclipse is in Virgo. Another popular modality is ‘tapping’ also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

ce-astrology-ad-feb-2016-250x250A good friend of mine created a program called the The Biko Method which is a simple process that releases underlying subconscious programs that limit us emotionally and psychologically. This is a permanent solution that does not need to be repeated over and over again. The results are profound.

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