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“One of the top reasons why a person checks into assisted living, is  because they can’t get off the toilet. Because they can’t do a half rep of a body weight squat to get off the toilet, and so they have to have someone taking care of them.”

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Physical exercise is absolutely necessary for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. If you are not physical to some degree at least 3 times a week, you raise the risk of disease in your body. Exercise reduces LDL cholesterol (the type that clogs your arteries), increases HDL (the good cholesterol), and reduces blood pressure, simultaneously lowering the stress on your heart and strengthening its muscles.

Aside from helping to promote great heart health, exercise also helps to combat type 2 diabetes, degenerative bone diseases, and certain cancers. What many people may not know about working out, however, is how wonderful it is for our mental health as well; it can reduce stress levels, help with sleep, and improve your mood, all of which help to avoid or manage depression.

In the below video, Mike Vicanti highlights the truth of why working out is imperative to our health.

“No one is paying attention to what matters, and that is staying stronger and maintaining lean tissue as you get older. And moving around and keeping your diet on point is going to help you live longer, it’s gonna make your life better.”

It seems as though now, more than ever, people obsess endlessly over their appearance, hitting the gym and dieting in order to achieve the body society has told us is desirable. But in a sense you can’t blame people as that is what is so heavily marketed to them, even by gyms and other healthy places.

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But the truth is, working out and exercise is about staying strong, healthy and having a quality of life into your later years. Not to impress strangers. I mean, it isn’t to say you can’t do it for those reasons, but more so that the majority of people are not even thinking about their later years, but instead just ‘looking good’ now.

At CE we are major proponents of healthy living (article, article, article, article, article, article), so I was especially happy to see a fitness expert speak to about why fitness actually matters.

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