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According to the American Psychological Association, 40-50% of married couples in the United States end up divorced. Whether it be due to infidelity, recurring conflict, growing apart, or any other of the many reasons out there, it seems that more and more of us are having a tough time committing until death do us part.

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Yet we continue to seek “the one,” looking for that perfect match who will complete us and make us part of the soon-to-be exceptions that are able to stay committed to one another (happily). What better way to improve our chances than to do some primary research and ask longterm couples what makes their relationship work?

This is exactly what the website and Shea Glover — the young woman behind the viral video showcasing various individual’s reactions to being called beautiful — set out to do on the streets of New York City. In this social experiment, 7 unique couples were asked a series of questions geared at providing us as viewers some insight into the secret to a good relationship.

For those already in a wonderful relationship (such as those featured in the video), the filmmakers hoped simply to remind such couples that their relationship positions them as some of the “wealthiest” people in the world.

Even though the answers given varied by couple, one underlying theme soon emerged: they all seemed to truly appreciate their partner for exactly who they are. We are all unique in this world, and even though we may share some common interests and views, all partnerships (romantic or not) are going to involve some differences. It is up to us to decipher whether those differences are something we can love, appreciate, and work through, or whether they are too much for us to handle.

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Back in August of 2014, I put together another article based on a series of conversations that I had had with several divorced and happily together couples. Within the article I reveal a list of 8 traits which signal you are in a relationship worth keeping. Since many of them of overlap with the answers presented in this video, I thought I would offer them here as well (for the full list and each sign’s explanation, click HERE):

  1. You Are Truly Yourself – Both partners have stayed true to who they are.
  2. Celebration Over Comparison – Individual accomplishments are celebrated rather than compared against.
  3. You Lift Each Other Up – Both partners provide support to the other when needed.
  4. Differences Aren’t A Deal Breaker – Differences are worked with rather than fought.
  5. The Past Is The Past – The couples live in the present moment.
  6. No Mind Games – No unnecessary checklists or requirements for happiness.
  7. An Extension Of The Human Experience – Their relationship is a bonus rather than a need for happiness.
  8. Knowing That It Can End At Any Time – Acceptance of the end but not being fearful of it.

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