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When people are under pressure, they need to remain calm in order to deal appropriately with the stresses of the job, arguments, interviews, or a decision that has to be made. In reality, this isn’t an easy thing to do because there are factors that may affect and limit self-control in some of these instances. If a critical situation arises, the first instinct people have is to panic. If this happens too often, the worry and anxiety can lead to health problems.

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Many of the world’s most successful people have thrived due to their ability to reach a psychological state of readiness.  They are mentally prepared to take on whatever comes. In contrast, they have never learned how to remain calm under pressure. They would do well to try to learn a certain amount of calmness. Composure is a requirement for reaching peak performance. When people are self-assured, composed, and practiced, they are definitely prepared for success.

Here are some tips on how to remain calm in demanding situations

Determine the cause of the tension by thinking about it for a moment. It could be a speech that has to be given, or the work that keeps piling up at the office. Whatever it is, try to figure out why it is so troubling. Once the problem is isolated, one has the ability to decide how to deal with it regardless of where the stress comes from.

One can just ignore it and let it fade away because it’s not that important.  Or it can be dealt with head on.  Recognize it for what it is and if it’s from the past, dismiss it by letting go.  Only deal with the issues of the present.  There are some things that can’t be controlled, so work with the things that are controllable. Focus on the all of the important aspects of life and remember to try not to allow any severe intrusions.

By giving in to the strain, the problem is not solved, and procrastination only prolongs it and can actually make it worse.  So be prepared to take action and deal with it face-to-face when it has to end.  When it’s changeable, and it’s important to do so, act quickly.  By getting rid of the difficulty, stress automatically disappears.

When learning how to resolve taxing circumstances, a plan needs to be created.  Sometimes it only takes one step to resolve it.  However, more often than not, it’ll take a few steps and perhaps more time.  Write down a plan listing some goals that are achievable and add a timeline.

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Also, many situations that could cause stress might be avoidable. It’s a good idea for people to write down what’s bothering them, so they’re prepared in advance for any struggles that may come along. Be prepared for special events and plan for any surprises in order to deal with chaos. Complex problems can be overpowering, but this can be a time for growth. This growth begins with just one step where objective self-evaluation and time are one’s allies. Just concentrate on one step and goal at a time.

Get rid of it! 

If there are tense circumstances outside of one’s control, or it’s not really significant, don’t fret about it. Just let it go by following some of these steps.

  • While counting in one’s mind to the number five, take in a deep breath through the nose. Then count to five again while exhaling through the mouth. Do this five times and relaxation will have set in.
  • Now one needs to think of something else and it should only be happy thoughts.
  • Visualize a tropical island or a country meadow by closing the eyes and imagining each detail. One should imagine themselves in the future where they’ve matured by overcoming their problems. This exercise takes a person out of the present.
  • Physically get away from the causes of stress by leaving, or remain just outside, and take a little time to analyze what’s going on.
  • Take between 10 to 20 minutes to do a bit of exercise every day, as it helps a person to relax.
  • Concentrate on changing and don’t worry about what others think as this journey begins.

Be Sensible And Realistic

Sometimes, the goal remains out of reach, and no matter how many steps are followed, it seems impossible. One should praise themselves for the effort, but it’s time to be realistic and realize that, maybe the goals that were set weren’t that sensible. Take some time to review the goals and timelines and possibly reduce them. If this can’t be done, then this could be one of the times a situation can’t be controlled. One can learn from this, but they must still let go of this problem.

To live a happier and healthy live, learn how to stay calm during stressing times, which will cause an instant effect that can be so soothing.

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