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Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where we didn’t have to pick up a product at the store and worry about who or what it was hurting, from the environment to animals to our own personal health? While a plentiful amount of people and companies are doing their part to make this a reality, the truth of the matter is that there is still so much work to do be done before we get there. That’s why we can’t help but celebrate any company making the switch to being cruelty-free and committed to saving animals. Along with the most recent company to go 100 percent vegan, Arbonne, we give you a healthy list of kind companies to help make your shopping experience for cruelty-free products easier.

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1. Arbonne

vegan beauty brand




This brand has never tested on animals. They’ve been on a “green journey for 35 years.”

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2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

vegan beauty brand


This brand’s first focus was a pair of lip balms back in 2004. They now offer a full line of cosmetics, nail lacquers, and makeup brushes.

3. Pacifica

vegan beauty brand

Pacifica’s range of products covers skin care, cosmetics, and a beautifully smelling perfume line.

4. Nature’s Gate

vegan beauty brand

This personal-care products company is free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, lanolin, petrolatum, and phthalates. Their products are made from fruit and plant extracts, essential oils, and herbs.

5. Beauty Without Cruelty

vegan beauty brand


This company, which now offers hair care and styling products, cosmetics, and nail lacquers, began back in 1963 in England.

6. Billy Jealousy

vegan beauty brand

Dedicated to men, Billy Jealousy’s products include beard oil, pomade, and shaving products.

vegan beauty brand

This line is all about taking care of color-treated hair with a full line of products infused with baobab fruit from the African baobab tree.

8. Body Crystal of California

vegan beauty brand

From antiperspirants to aftershave, body splash, cleansers, and washcloths, this line has been promoting the cruelty-free culture since 1992.

9. Certain Dri

vegan beauty brand


This brand is doctor-recommended, and claims their antiperspirants offer “72-hour sweat and odor protection.”

10. EcoTools

vegan beauty brand

This line carries animal-free cosmetic brushes, fake eyelashes, bath and spa products, and hair brushes.

11. Earth Mama Angel Baby

vegan beauty brand

This baby-focused brand is perfect for those who are expecting or have just given birth. They offer natural bath products, lotions, teas, and products to keep your little one soft and supple.

12. Nanshy

vegan beauty brand

Nanshy offers cruelty-free makeup tools including brushes, sponges, and a wide range of accessories.

13. Bare Bones Body Care

vegan beauty brand


This skincare line has products ranging from deodorant to facial cleanser and toner, and says their products include just a few ingredients that are made “by a girl in her kitchen.”

14. The Fanciful Fox

vegan beauty brand


This brand is based in New York and carries handmade bar soaps, shower and bath products, scrubs, facial cleansers, lip balms, and products for men and babies, too.

15. Hugo Naturals

vegan beauty brand


Hugo Naturals carries body and haircare products, items for babies, and even aromatherapy mists.

16. Le Labo

vegan beauty brand


Whether you want them for your home or for your travels, this perfume company has a variety of scents for both your body and your surroundings. They also offer oil, shower gel, and lotion.

17. NCLA

vegan beauty products


A cruelty-free manicure never looked so good. NCLA has nail wraps, lacquers, and treatments to keep you looking fresh.

18. Per-fékt Beauty

vegan beauty products


Based in Hollywood, this beauty brand carries products for the body, face, eyes, and lips.

19. Sibu Beauty

vegan beauty products


To formulate skincare products rich in omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 fatty acids, this brand uses a fruit from the Tibetan Himalayas called sea buckthorn.

20. skyn ICELAND

vegan beauty products

This cruelty-free company’s products use ingredients from the Arctic, like glacial waters, botanicals, and marine elements.

21. Sparitual

vegan beauty products


Whatever your skincare needs, Sparitual’s many lines work to restore your healthy glow. They also offer nail treatments and polish, too.

22. Sparklehearts

vegan beauty products



Adults aren’t the only ones making a difference. This line is for teens and tweens, and offers deodorants in a variety of yummy scents, along with hair, skin, and other body products.


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