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NuMundo, an innovative new platform, has recently been launched, and it contains opportunities for over 100 transformational travel experiences around the world. This is exciting news, particularly given the wealth of research that has emerged in recent years which shows millennials are choosing to take a different path in life compared to the traditional, and often times expected, college/university route for post-secondary education.

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Specifically, millennials are seeking more meaning and purpose in their lives, and according to a poll taken by Elance oDesk, 58% of millennials are expecting to leave their current jobs in three years or less. Knowing that the millennial generation is the largest in the work force, making up 1 in 3 of total US labor — there is a serious need to fulfill.

So, What Exactly Does NuMundo Have To Offer?

From their website: “We connect people to meaningful experiences to facilitate personal transformation and accelerate the development of impact centres.” What is an impact center you ask? “It is a land based project that offers individual transformation, regenerative living education and strives to leave a positive local impact. An impact center could be an eco-village, organic farm, yoga retreat center or even a hostel.” The three requirements to meet the impact centre criteria are: Earth Care, Education, and Accommodation.

There are currently over 100 retreats worldwide, including: North and South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa. You can literally pick anywhere across the globe where you would like to go, experience a different culture, and learn some incredible new things. This is an amazing opportunity for so many people around the world, old or young! While it may be more appealing to millennials, it is never too late to make a huge change in your life and choose a different path.

Want To Get Involved?

Currently, NuMundo has a crowd funding campaign running to assist with several costs that are involved with improving their website, such as building the technology to scale their network and create opportunity pages and user profiles. Time is running out and they only have a few days left to reach their funding goal; there are some amazing perks being offered as well, so have a look at the campaign.

Check out their IndieGoGo campaign video below:

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This Campaign Has The Ability To Change The World

What lies before us is an amazing opportunity to go off the beaten path and take a different direction in life, and while doing so, connect with nature and learn more about ourselves and our planet. This could very well lead to the restoration of our beautiful but neglected home we call Mother Earth.

Tired and unfulfilled with what you’re doing? It’s time to find out what it is you’re truly passionate about and give that a shot. By taking that risk, you will have the opportunity to discover how much you really have to offer to yourself and the world.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” –Howard Thurman

Much Love

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