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In this video, what you will witness is history in the making. In other words, history making itself known. Few people know about the origins of email or the story of its inventor. This is where he gets to share his story — a story of rebellion and genius. I wanted it to be known to the world and especially to the American public, which is why I arranged for the inventor of email, my friend Shiva Ayyadurai, to come on this show, so that we could speak as two rebels and spread the light in a world of darkness.

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We were joined by Sean Stone, who is also a rebel and who is the host of the truth-exploring show “Buzzsaw,” which the reader can subscribe to after or before watching the YouTube link to the video which is posted below.

But for now, I will share my very brief story of how I met Shiva Ayyadurai, and how this rare video you are about to see came to be.

Two and half years ago, I received a phone call from Deepak Chopra, who is a dear friend and mentor of mine, and on this phone call I was invited as a guest to the Sages and Scientists Conference in San Diego, California, where some of the most rebellious thinkers in science, art, philosophy, and spirituality join together to discuss various topics. (To find out more you can visit

Little did I know, Shiva Ayyadurai would be speaking at this conference. And I was completely blown away by his speech and his story. I thought to myself, “Wow! This guy is a genius and has a very powerful presence and emanates the vibration of a rebel! I did not know that he invented the email! This is amazing! I have to meet him!”

So low and behold, he just happened to be walking by getting a coffee when I was sitting with a friend at the Chopra Center for Well-Being, which is where the conference was held. I said: “Excuse me sir! I just wanted to say that I really love you because you’re a rebel, and I love rebels.” We hit it off from there; when the rebels unite, there is a creative alchemy that happens.

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Fast forward two and a half years and here we are now. Both currently living in Los Angeles, California, Shiva and I met Sean at his studio, and we got straight to it.

The United States and its major corporations, including Monsanto, tried to suppress the story of email and claim that they, the corporations, invented this technology most of the world now uses on a regular basis.

Shiva and I then went on to discuss how there are two priesthoods in the world right now: Science and Religion. I would include a third, however, being “The American Psychological Association” (what we know as psychology as defined by a small group of elitists).

These preisthoods decide what “narratives” or ways of looking at the world are the ones everyone else “should” abide by and follow as the “truth.” But in reality, taking anyone else’s story as the truth does not help you find your own personal truth; this can only be discovered through your own inner-journey into yourself. It will be different for everyone. The truth is suppressed by these three things: science, religion, and dominant theories in psychology. These three corporations, in a sense, run the dominant “views” of how you “should” view yourself and life, and also how we “should” view invention, innovation, and creativity; in the case of Shiva, you will see that many “powers” tried to suppress his truth, which was that he invented the email.

The word “Shiva” itself is based on the divine archetype of Shiva, which we discuss in depth in the video. Shiva is usually associated with the Divine Masculine Presence, but Shiva can also manifest in feminine form according to certain ethnographers and anthropologists. Shiva is an archetype representing fearlessness and profound Awareness. The devil in Western society carries a trident, but as Shiva explains in this talk, the Lord Shiva in Indian mythology also carries a trident, but he uses it to pierce darkness.

Hopefully, we pierced some darkness in this video concerning GMOs, corporations, the  American educational system, the media, and reductionistic science. It is for the individual viewer to decide now what he or she will do with this information.

You can also check out this fantastic book about the dangers of GMOs by Jane Goodall.


For those who would be interested in life-coaching sessions where you can receive help from me fighting darkness such as depression, anxiety, career and relationship confusion, you can book a life-coaching or healing/therapy session with me at: – or message me on Facebook at:
How did the military industrial complex conspire with the technology industry to create a new hamster wheel for humanity to blindly run itself to death on, and what is the key to breaking free of the traditional cycle of spiritual starvation? We look at how defence companies and mainstream media collude to keep people blind, and articulate how to subvert dominant discourses for mental evolution in this uncensored Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone. For it was OSHO who once said:
“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.”
We explore all of these topics and more here:
More about Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai:
Dr. VA-Shiva Ayyadurai is the literal inventor of e-mail. It is one of the greatest inventions of all time, which makes our world function smoothly in the way that it does. Think of what life would be like without e-mail. VA-Shiva is not only the inventor of e-mail, but of many things which he discusses in the You-tube video link above. He is well versed in ancient healing from the East and taught systems biology at M.I.T. where he also received his PhD, along with four other degrees from M.I.T. He is soon to be releasing a new book titled: “Systems in Revolution” and you can find out more regarding his projects, history, and new inventions at his website here:

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