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Jess Shanahan is teaming up with Kia in the Route 57 campaign to explore the ultimate 2,500 mile bucket list road trip. The road trip will take place from April 6-26 and Jess will be going through 57 must-see destinations across England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Route 57 is the UK’ answer to America’s Route 66. Jurys Inn Hotels will be supplying accommodation along the way.

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This 2,500 mile road trip will be driven for the first time, and what better way than in an electric car? Jess will be doing the road trip in a KIA Soul EV supplied by electric car leasing company DriveElectric, and will be stopping at charging stations along the route, mapped out by ZapMap. She will begin in Plymouth and end in Galway, visiting villages, towns, and cities along the way.

Jess with Route 57 car

This is a great initiative by Kia to help dispel some of the most common myths about electric cars. In a recent survey conducted by the AA, one of the top reasons people aren’t buying electric cars is a concern over battery life. The Route 57 campaign is designed to prove that these perceptions don’t match the reality of today’s green car technology, especially since this route spans over four countries and is more than 2,580 miles long.

Check out this infographic by AA .


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You can stay up to date on Jess’ roundtrip via the Route 57 website, along with their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. She will also be taking driving music suggestions through the Twitter hashtag #route57, or adding them directly to the Route 57 Spotify playlist. Audiobook suggestions are also welcome – Jess will be fittingly listening to Bill Bryson’s ‘Notes from a Small Island’ to begin with.

Ever since the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3, we can see a big shift happening in the world of electric cars, with 140,000 pre-orders made just after its announcement.

Pretty awesome stuff! Feel free to let us know what music suggestions you sent over to Jess or share your opinions on electric cars in the comments below!





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